Drivers must slow down and pay attention

I think it is a crying shame that the people in GJ have so little respect for traffic laws .

I could have easily been killed had I pulled out on the I-70 Business Loop when the light turned green as there was a truck speeding through the red light a couple of weeks ago.

Today I witnessed something I could not believe. As a speeding ambulance came down 29 Road with lights flashing and horn steady blowing, two cars made a left hand turn in front of the ambulance and it had to stop.

If only the police could check out a few speeders and light runners, a lot of money could be made. Maybe if drivers knew they they might get caught, they might slow down.

I never start up on a green light as it is way too dangerous.


Grand Junction

Name-calling is not exclusively a Donald Trump characteristic

In response to Brian Limper’s letter to the editor, the hypocrisy oozes. He condemns the practice of name-calling when someone doesn’t agree with us.

What about “a basket of deplorables” or people “clinging to their Bibles and guns”? But the best one was if you agree with or like Donald Trump, then you belong to a cult. All those statements came from Democrats. So look both ways before crossing the street. WOW! A really really sad situation to be sure.


Grand Junction

Damning evidence hasn’t been contradicted by Republicans

I have been riveted by the impeachment hearings. There is no doubt in my mind as to the guilt of the president and members of his administration in the solicitation (extortion!) of the Ukrainian government.

I have been gobsmacked and repulsed by Jim Jordan’s and Devin Nunes’s lines of questioning (and attitudes) during the hearing. While thankfully, I am not part of their respective constituencies, I am embarrassed that they represent my fellow Americans on a national stage.

The testimony that I’ve heard has been damning and conclusive — and has not been contradicted in any meaningful way by the Republican minority.

I encourage Scott Tipton, Michael Bennet and Cory Gardner to vote with the facts in mind rather than with their party affiliations. I am tired of politicians (particularly the Republicans) putting party politics ahead of the interests of the American people. Nobody is above the law — and that includes the president.



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