Constitution is key to appreciating liberties

Kudos to the Sentinel for publishing (ironically on the same day and page) both the letter decrying the Lions Club Parade and the letter commemorating the Iwo Jima battle, as well as Friedman’s column on the College Board’s efforts to improve the SAT exam.

The ironic thread is that those young men and women died fighting to defeat oppressive tyrannies that did not tolerate the freedoms guaranteed in the Constitution, so that all of us today can exercise those freedoms in whichever way we choose, whether by lampooning presidents in parades or writing letters to the editor. If Mr. McCarney is upset by the way Trump is portrayed, perhaps he should research how Obama was vilified during his term by portrayals as an ape or Hitler. Or maybe a visit to the Smithsonian, or the Lincoln Presidential Library in Springfield, to see how other past presidents, including the first Republican, were pictured as various forms of subhumans or monsters. The First Amendment protects all forms of free speech, not just those you happen to agree with.

I applaud the College Board’s efforts to improve students’ understanding of the Constitution, how it forms and guides our government, and our role as citizens to ensure we hold ALL our politicians accountable to their oath to protect and defend it. Perhaps we should all read it on a regular basis. As always, education and understanding are the best defense against ignorance, fear, and erosion of the liberties those young men and women died to ensure to us and our children.



Sentinel, Lions Club owe Trump supporters an apology

While enjoying my breakfast and reading the newspaper Sunday morning, I turned to page 2A, to find a picture of our president being made fun of with him dressed in a prison uniform, chained to President Putin.

I guess I missed the good humor in this and wonder why The Daily Sentinel even printed it. Would you have printed or would you have done this to President Obama or Hillary Clinton? I can assure you this would not have been done. This just shows a continued harassment of our president which has gone on now for two years and not one shred of evidence that he has done anything wrong from things the Democrats have thrown at him. Amazing how childish some can be when they get defeated when they thought they had a sure thing in the bag. The nation was tired of the same old politics, that is why we have a NON-politician for our president.

I believe that not only The Daily Sentinel but the Grand Junction Lions Club owes all the Deplorables and others in the Grand Valley and elsewhere an apology for such a disgraceful decision.


Grand Junction

Foisting books and toys on children won’t stop racism

It’s a sad state of affairs when we are being lectured about race by a person who believes that forcing multi-cultural toys on your children will teach them not to be racist. Quite honestly, it’s possibly racist to suggest this path, but for sure, it’s simply wrong to use your 4-year-old as an exercise in social justice.

The columnist also states that practicing in “colorblindness” where a person is judged not by their skin color but by their character, contains three huge flaws. I won’t repeat this flawed premise because I think most people are better served by the words and actions of the late great MLK Jr. who said, “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.”

Or look to former Starbucks CEO Howard Shultz, who recently caught a bunch of flak from the media and the left because of his statement that because he grew up in the projects and a diverse background he “honestly doesn’t see color.”

As someone who grew up in the ’60s and ’70s in a very white rural Illinois town with an adopted little brother of mixed race, I know firsthand the emotional, mental, and physical pain of racism. No book or doll being foisted upon a small child would have remedied the mindset of a racist.


Grand Junction

Cloth diapers can play a role in fighting climate change

OK millennials, if you think cows are causing global warming with their flatulence, consider this. All humans fart, all ungulates like deer, elk, moose, antelope fart. All mammals fart.

Now did you know every disposable diaper you throw in the trash generates methane, or farts?

Want to save the planet? Get a diaper pail and use cloth diapers.

Based on methane production, babies are more responsible for climate change than cows.

Step up and do your part. Buy cloth diapers and get a diaper pail.


Grand Junction