Club 20 wants a fix for immigration system

Immigration reform is often portrayed as a divisive issue, but Club 20 members have worked for a number of years to find common ground and have set forth principles that call for policies that protect national security, stimulate the domestic economy, and enhance our nation’s image in the world.

Club 20 believe that meaningful changes to immigration policies can reduce the federal deficit and increase Gross Domestic Product, which would have positive impacts across many West Slope industries.

We’re calling on our state’s political leaders to fix our broken system. That’s why Club 20 reaffirmed the Colorado Compact, a bipartisan coalition supported by Republican Sen. Cory Gardner and Democratic Sen. Michael Bennet and business, civic, academic, and religious leaders across the state who want national policies that would strengthen Colorado’s economy. Our state is home to nearly 550,000 immigrants who pay nearly $4.2 billion in taxes, according to New American Economy. They fill critical labor shortages in healthcare, construction, science, and technology. More than 38,000 immigrant entrepreneurs create more than 102,000 jobs across the state. Our western Colorado farmers and dairy farmers also depend on immigrant labor to produce the milk, meat, fruit, and vegetables that we eat.

All Coloradans want safe communities and a thriving economy. The Colorado Compact sends a message to our leaders: It’s time to find common ground and create smart immigration reform that we all can agree on. For more information on Club 20’s policies, please visit


Executive director, Club 20

Grand Junction, Colorado

Why are right- and left-wing nuts so influential in society?

As a moderate independent who didn’t vote for Trump, I was hoping for some kind of rational alternative in 2020. So far the current “clown car” of Democratic Party presidential wannabes shows little promise. In their positions on issues there is very little contrast to differentiate between the candidates. We have learned that common themes among the candidates include:

  • Thinking that Trump has not accomplished anything positive during his first term.
  • Being of the opinion that the economy is in tough shape, despite the economic indicators.
  • Wanting to “out deficit” Trump by providing lots of free stuff including healthcare, college education, student debt relief, reparations, etc.
  • Trying to portray Wall Street as where the “Fat Cats” hang out in spite of the fact that the majority of working Americans have part of their retirements invested there.

While Trump should be an easy target, the current script being used by Democrats seems to have been written by Republican strategists. Why does it seem to be a requirement that the candidates for the nomination for both parties need to be extremists? Why are the right and left-wing nuts so influential in our society?

Thankfully, as an independent in Colorado I can participate in the primary election of my choice. My hope is that at least one Democratic candidate will show some sign of common sense, moderation, and courtesy. Starting down the path to increase civility in our society has to be an intentional decision.


Grand Junction

Trump makes better use of tanks than Democrats did

Trump’s salute to America in front of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC was well done and a great tribute to the U.S. and our military.

None of the major networks covered it, I watched the ceremony on Fox.

Two U.S. Army tanks were brought in for the event causing alarm to the liberal element in our society, deriding Trump as some sort of grandstanding despot.

The last time a Democrat used tanks domestically was at the Branch Dividian compound near Waco, Texas in April 1993. Eighty people died, 25 of them children. That was the Bill Clinton/Janet Reno era.

Then, on our local news, much was made of the cost of the tribute ceremony, pointing out that money was pulled from the National Park Service to help fund it. This while infrastructure costs for the parks, of which Colorado has several, are underfunded — thus impacting Coloradoans.

Personally, I much prefer Trump using tanks as a backdrop on the Washington Mall for a rousing patriotic tribute to the U.S. and our military than the alternate employed by Democrats.

This tribute by President Trump will also prove to be a tremendous recruiting tool for our armed forces.


Grand Junction

Networks show bias in refusal to broadcast Trump’s speech

How said that ABC, CBS and NBC chose to deprive their audiences of the wonderful July 4th “Salute to America” because President Trump was speaking at the Lincoln Memorial. It was a beautiful tribute to the men and women of our Armed Forces and a lesson in the history of our military that has allowed the freedoms we celebrate in our great country. And we are told that there is no media bias!


Grand Junction