Many generous donors support food alliance

We were so happy to see coverage of Colorado State University’s commitment to our local community not only through its support of the Community Alliance for Education and Hunger Relief program, but also its investment in a new CSU Western Colorado campus at Orchard Mesa. This campus will consolidate CSU agencies to better serve western Colorado.

We would like to recognize that the Community Alliance program receives considerable financial and in-kind support from Western Colorado Community Foundation, Rocky Mountain Health Plans Foundation, the Bacon Family Foundation, Colorado Trust, and numerous generous individuals. Without their support, we could not pay our interns to do the incredibly hard work of growing vegetables for food banks and amazing programs like the Lunch Lizard.


Program coordinator,

Community Alliance for Education and Hunger

Grand Junction

St. Mary’s Care Flight is a nonprofit endeavor

Tom Murphy wrote an excellent article regarding the financial impact of some air ambulance services. An article on the same topic, written by John Tozzi, recently ran in Bloomberg News. Some additional details may be helpful.

There are two types of air ambulance programs: hospital based and non-hospital based. The programs in the article described are for-profit programs. They are not owned and operated by a hospital, rather by for-profit corporations. The profit from these services comes from aggressive collection on inflated bills, requiring patients to pay the difference between what insurance pays and the exorbitant bill, a practice referred to as balance billing.

Citizens in far reaches of our western Colorado community have been bankrupted by these practices.

St. Mary’s Care Flight is a hospital-based program that does not balance bill patients for the difference between insurance, deductible/copay amounts and the transport price. We can do this because we are associated with a large hospital and health system and have been fortunate to remain financially viable providing a diversified set of health-care services. This is a distinguishing factor between our program and the myriad of other for-profit services in the western Colorado region. We offer the highest quality care without balance billing practices. We are proud to exist to meet community need in critical times as a nonprofit organization.



St. Mary’s Medical Center

Grand Junction

Outrage over immigrants is founded on ignorance and fear

Mr. Higgins’ July 5 letter about border policy critics was very well done in that it conveyed the feelings of being overrun by another culture. I am sure that every indigenous people in the world and every other conquered group would express the same sentiments. If you want a current example, ask the Tibetans the next time they are in town, or ask a Ute, or a Navajo, or a Shoshone, or a Cherokee, or a Sioux. I find your concerns about “your rights” more than a little ironic.

I saw sign that said, “No one is illegal on stolen land.” So, I would put it to you, “Why do you feel entitled to have this land just for “your” people, since it was acquired by displacing people who were already here?” Our country has a long history of ill-treatment towards immigrants. And yet, we used them to build and populate our stolen country; and later, we assimilated them and their cultures. Proof of this can be found in Colorado’s own history. When the state’s constitution was first published, three versions were circulated: one in English, one in Spanish, and one in German.

And lastly, where is your compassion for another human being? People don’t just up and move to a foreign country with a foreign language and foreign customs on a lark. Most are desperate and seeking a better situation for their kids and families. I taught high school for 40 years, and the hardest working students I taught were refugees. They didn’t take their education for granted, because they knew it was their way out of desperate straits. Therefore, I say to all of those in America who hate the immigrant: I think your outrage must be founded on ignorance and fear, because it certainly isn’t founded on history or the Christian value of “love thy neighbor.”


Grand Junction

America’s public safety net in jeopardy under GOP rule

The Republican-led House of Representatives has voted for “A Brighter American Future” that will make enormous cuts to Medicare and Social Security — the American public’s safety net.

How will you vote?



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