Private investment leans toward profitability

I wanted to expand on the recent article regarding the Jordan Cove project. Jordan Cove LNG offers an opportunity to market natural gas to international markets, especially in Asia. This project will provide Piceance natural gas operators the opportunity for long-term contracts to international markets.

When asked if I had read a recent report on the project by an Oregon-based consultant, Robert Mcullough, I had not seen it and couldn’t comment on his assertion on profitability because there was ample evidence by the many companies permitting and building LNG facilities that these markets will offer profitable outcomes.

The Jordan Cove project is in a permitting phase and the company has actually committed $150 million to get this permitted this year. Companies put their money where it offers profitable outcomes.

According to a recent CMU study, the project would provide more than $1 billion to the region’s economy. New markets provided by Jordan Cove will help to assure these jobs continue to a big part of the future here.

There is only one side to Jordan Cove we want see — and that’s its success and profitability. It will stretch into our shops, stores, and families here.


Executive director, West Slope Colorado Oil and Gas Association

Guzman’s offer to buy out coal plants merits consideration

I was excited to learn that Guzman Energy has offered to buy out two of Tri-State Generation and Transmission Association’s coal plants to retire them and replace them with 70% renewable energy (wind and solar).

Guzman would buy Tri-State’s shares in plants in Craig and northwestern New Mexico, which account for almost half of Tri-State’s coal production capacity. At the end of 2018, 47% of Tri-State’s electricity came from coal, so the Guzman proposal should put Tri-State’s coal use to about 24%. With Xcel Energy’s 2018 announcement of the 2026 retirement of two units of the Pueblo Comanche Power plant, Xcel’s coal use will also be cut to 24%.

The Guzman proposal, as well as Xcel’s planned Comanche coal unit closures, would put Colorado well on its way to meeting House Bill 1261, which Gov. Jared Polis just signed into law. This regulation requires by 2025 that Colorado reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by at least 26% compared to 2005 levels.

Tri-State has complained that Guzman has not put its plan in writing. We need to see the Guzman plan!


Highlands Ranch

Thankful veteran has a Memorial Day to remember

While decorating the family plots with my wife in Cedaredge Cemetery, a young lady with three children came up to us. She wanted to know if any of the graves were of veterans or if I was a veteran.

I told her that I was a veteran and had served in Germany. They all thanked me for my service and then the children handed me a small baggie filled with homemade cookies signed “Thank You” on the side.

That’s what I call a true Memorial Day! This young mother was teaching her children to honor those who have sacrificed and what is great about this wonderful country we are privileged to live in because of those sacrifices. If I knew her hame, I would nominate her for the Mother of the Year Award.



If progressive thinking has failed, why aren’t we in togas?

I sincerely hope an actual historian grades Rick Wagner’s recent column/term paper “Doomed to repeat history?”

If progressive thinking had truly failed over the last 2,500 years, we’d still be in togas beating our slaves. Unless of course, we were the slaves.


Grand Junction

Car-pedestrian accident points to need for safer crosswalks

The accident last winter in the early morning hours in Palisade was a “perfect storm” of events. That it involved a policeman is incidental. School and city officials, as well as citizens and parents, should be aware of young children, their hours, dress and actions... not to mention safer crosswalks. These should be the takeaways to be addressed.


Grand Junction

Hiding a warship was an affront to America’s military

The “very nice person” who hid the McCain ship from the president’s eyes just insulted every man and woman who ever served in our armed forces.

Where are the Republicans who will insist that the “man with sensitive eyes” apologize?



Lt Col, USAF Ret.

Grand Junction

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