City has earned its citizens' lack of faith

This spring we called the city of Grand Junction to report a large abandoned motorhome on Motor Street just south of Independent Avenue on the east side.

It has been sitting in the Motor Street neighborhood for six months. The vehicle was tagged as abandoned moths ago by the police but nothing had been done to remove it from the street. We called back to code enforcement and the police department. The officers have been very attentive to our concerns but the RV is still there. Upon further inquiry we learned this isn’t the only one the police and code enforcement are dealing with around town. The reason is there isn’t any money budgeted to tow and dispose of abandoned campers, RVs and other vehicles. Apparently the tow companies are not paid to tow abandoned vehicles. The private tow companies have to pay to dispose of them on their own dime. Cars can easily be crushed but not RVs and campers due to the hazardous waste and contents. We’ve been told a “solution is in the works.” That was months ago. In the meantime the RV just sits there, day after day, week after week. It’s an eyesore and public health and safety issue.

So our glaring question is this, WHY?! Why cannot the city of Grand Junction, which touts our community as this “first class” place for people to come live, work, play, enjoy and spend money, have enough money to keep the city streets clear of such unsafe ugliness? Maybe the city should stop pushing though raises for the executive staff and expend that money on actually taking care of these issues?

Is it any wonder the citizens have lost faith in our city government’s ability to competently address quality of life issues? One look at this spring’s vote is telltale as to the confidence the citizens have in Grand Junction city government to do what is right. Except for the fire and police departments, the citizens have lost faith in Grand Junction city administration and City Council in providing us the quality of life services real “first class” cities provide as a matter of routine.

Wake up Grand Junction!


Grand Junction

CMC should conduct national search for a new dean

Colorado Mountain College should put out a job submission request, published nationally, before they hand a choice job — a deanship — to the highly controversial and widely unpopular (at least within the Aspen business community) outgoing Aspen mayor Steve Skadron.

Skadron is an anti-business, left-wing ideologue. Skadron would never win a deanship through a nationally competitive process, a process that we citizens must demand that public institutions uphold. It would appear that Skadron has been handed an under-the-table, sweetheart deal from unaccountable liberal bureaucrats who obviously want to grease the skids to take CMC on a leftward lurch.

I say we citizens should demand that Skadron’s job offer be rescinded. A proper vetting process to all applicants across the United States should follow and a competitive job offer should ensue.

Let Skadron compete with hundreds of other applicants. This is what Aspen is doing with its city manager position. We should demand that CMC do the same.

Otherwise, the rational conclusion is obvious: CMC’s liberal bureaucrats want to turn their institution of higher learning into a liberal indoctrination camp.


Snowmass Village

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