Polis is trying hard to show us who he is

The editorial last Sunday, “Polis’s Puzzler,” is more puzzling than the title.

Considering his legislative and executive actions against current Western Slope industries and aligning our Electoral College votes with the largest counties in the nation, the governor’s statement regarding the BLM relocation to a large urban area is clearly consistent with recent policy. Language suggesting opposite intent is undoubtedly Orwellian.


Grand Junction

Now is the time for city to commit to renewable energy

As Grand Junction considers revisions to its comprehensive plan, a timely opportunity exists for local governments to take advantage of the incentives and goals outlined in Colorado’s recently enacted legislation, namely the “Roadmap to 100% Renewable Energy.” A document summarizing this roadmap can be found at: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B7w3bkFgg92dMkpxY3VsNk5nVGZGOHJGRUV5VnJwQ1U4VWtF/view

Cities across our state have already committed to the ideals within this plan. Aspen, Glenwood Springs, Golden, Pueblo and many others are moving toward 100% renewable energy sourcing. We can — and should — do the same! Apart from the demonstrated environmental benefits, there are sound economic reasons for such a move. Jobs are plentiful and growing in the solar and wind energy sectors. Domestic and foreign automakers, with their large workforces and numerous allied suppliers, are committed to substantial increases in the percentage of electric vehicles being manufactured and sold. Such a major shift by a primary industry will come at tremendous cost — and would not have been adopted without serious and detailed analyses of the economic and market forces needed to assure both profitability and a supply of appropriately trained workers. We should plan to participate in this coming wave of change.

Finally, getting on board with this effort meshes perfectly with our city’s ongoing “branding” as being a destination where its citizens (and visitors) can enjoy access to clean air and clean water in all sorts of healthy outdoor pursuits. I encourage others to submit comments on this plan by participating in the city’s survey which can be accessed through this link:


Grand Junction

We all need to the tell the truth, but especially our leaders

Politicians of the world, rejoice for you can still tell lies during elections.

The High Court of Britain has thrown out the case against prospective Prime Minister Boris Johnson. During a recent election he had made claims that withdrawing from the European Union would save £350 million ($400 million in U.S. dollars). The figure was challenged by his opposition at the time and subsequently in a legal action. The action was apparently “politically motivated and vexatious,” an unusual occurrence in any honest election.

The real concern is how honest are politicians, and especially prospective politicians, during elections. It’s not just a matter of kissing babies, shaking hands with people you will never speak to again or pledging monies to marginal electorates but to the themes they propose, better education, less poverty, freedom from drugs and in some countries just freedom itself. These are the things everybody wants and yet no one can seem to deliver them despite many honest attempts. Perhaps politicians should only promise what they can actually deliver.

A relatively recent change has been the rise of fake news and attacks on the freedom of the press. If the truth is not known as shown with the Chinese government’s description of the Tiananmen Square’s massacre as “justifiable,” then it disappears into the mists of times. There have been many attempts to remove or at least cleanse history with even some people claiming that horrors of the Holocaust did not occur. Fortunately there still are people who tell the true stories even if the cost is their own lives.

We all need to tell the truth but especially our leaders.


Melbourne, Australia

Thanks for publishing photos of flowers and linemen grads

Thank you so much for the lovely flower photos you publish. I loved the photos of the Sego Lillies. In 2015 when I was living in Moab, the senior bus took us to the ghost town of Thompson. We then continued up the road to the petroglyph/pictograph panels. The Segos were in bloom! The next best flowers are the Bitterroots of Montana and Idaho.

I also loved the photo of the newly graduated hot linemen. That is an amazing photo and congratulations to the graduates. They have a very dangerous job. I lived for five and a half years in Oklahoma. We had severe weather go through and it knocked out the power. I knew the linemen were on the job when a straight-line wind came through with 105 mph winds. I sat and prayed for them.

Please tell them that they are appreciated. They put their lives on the line so you can have electricity: There is not a finer group of workers.



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