Don't reward council's lack of fiscal discipline

According to the Business Times, Grand Junction collected over $4 million more in sales and use tax in 2018 than in 2017. The city council knew at the time of the need for funding items specified in 2A, 2B and 2C. Did they set the new money aside for one or more of those projects? No, they had higher priorities, such as $3 million to pour into the Two Rivers Convention center. That is after we, the voters, told them we didn’t want to spend a lot of money enhancing the convention center. The city has known about the need for 2B since 2007. Plenty of time to set money aside.

The city contributed $1 million to the Horizon Drive upgrade. That project included the purchase of horse sculptures from an artist in Vermont. We have plenty of local artists, just look at our delightful Art on the Corner cultural display in downtown. They could have been supported at much less money than the high-priced Vermont artist.

When a presentation for the new community center was given at a social club, we were shown a detailed drawing of the proposed center that included hardly any community rooms but did include a lazy river. Fruita has one of those, so I guess we need to keep up with them, even while many tell us that the center is all about health. Isn’t it interesting that the website has a drawing of the improved OM center but nothing for the 98,000 sq ft center? Why are they keeping that a secret?

Why is it going to cost just as much to run these improvements as it is to build them? This tax increase is to last forever.

A friend in the east once told me that a sailboat is just a black hole to pour money into. Is that what we are getting with 2C — a big black hole that will forever suck up large amounts of our taxes?

Promoters of all three ballot measures try to assure you that the tax doesn’t apply to your typical groceries. Well, try buying chocolate chips, or energy bars. The definition of “candy,” which is taxable, sweeps up both of those food items but carefully excludes that double-fudge cookie and all ice cream. Grocery stores find it easier to just make all energy bars taxable rather than stop to read the ingredients.


Grand Junction

Non-city residents will unfairly pay for city’s tax measures

We have to wonder whether The Daily Sentinel isn’t in the bag on Referred Measure 2C, along with the “grassroots organization pushing for a community center.”

Despite the promise contained in the last sentence of the (page long) editorial, when is the last time we heard anything about city streets improvements or public safety?

Let me go back to several points I made in an earlier letter (published online on March 11) to the Sentinel. As presently drafted, all three proposals are carefully worded to avoid TABOR restrictions, and none contain a sunset provision. Meaning it’s a “forever” increase in the combined tax rate — to 9.16 percent.

We are among the local people who will not have a chance to vote on the referred measures, but we will help pay for them.

I guess we’ll turn to more internet shopping if these pass.


Grand Junction

Duty calls and Jim Doody is prepared to serve once again

Why in the world would anyone run for City Council, AGAIN? Because they care about their community. Because they believe that historical perspective, and institutional knowledge is sorely needed right now. Because they understand how to work effectively with fellow Council members and staff.

These are some of the reasons former mayor jim Doody is stepping back up, and I for one am glad to see him do so. I had the pleasure of serving with Jim during my Council terms, and found him serious, engaged, and involved. His record of support for police and fire is enviable, his budgetary understanding is valuable, and his leadership is needed. I urge voters to consider each candidate carefully, and vote for experience, and the ability to bring people together, rather than divide and aelinate them. Vote for Jim, AGAIN.


Former mayor of Grand Junction

Many supporters contributed to De Beque’s championship

Now that the basketball season is winding down, I would like to put into words our thanks to the many people who made the season up at De Beque such a wonderful success.

First of all, thanks to the Sentinel’s sports writers who put together some great articles about the teams and helped all these athletes have good memories that will be shared for years to come. And to all the radio and TV stations who followed this up with their time, too.

Next our thanks go to all the coaches who put in timeless hours of preparation and hard work to insure the success we had. Especially head coaches Largent and Higuera who put together the plans to best use these athletes to insure this success. Good job.

Parents have to be on this list. All the games and days you spent getting your kids to games and practices from the Pee Wee program through middle and high school as well as all the summer programs. Thank you for the time, expense and love you have given to these players.

To all the All-stars on these teams, we thank you for the time and leadership it takes to help get the best out of these programs for everyone’s betterment. All the many hours of dribbling basketballs and shooting at home and at the school has paid off. You may never know how much our younger kids watch and see what you have accomplished.

To all the teammates who have struggled through the losing seasons and never gave up. Without your efforts there would be no winning basketball season. The running laps, free throw drills and being there behind the all stars making sure they get better. We thank you.

Finally to our athletic director, Rod Graham. Thank you for all the hard work and love you have given this school and all of her athletic programs. You deserve to be out front at all these final events.


Grand Junction

Chuck McDaniel is the leader Grand Junction needs now

Like it or not, Grand Junction is and will continue to grow. At this pivotal time, we need leadership that will help us do so safely and smartly, ensuring that our city remains a great place to live and do business. In my opinion, Chuck McDaniel is that kind of leader — capable, engaged, and forward-thinking. As a fellow veteran I know that Chuck understands sacrifice and putting common goals ahead of personal success. Chuck’s long legal career was built on bringing people together from different sides and finding common-sense solutions that worked for everyone. Since retiring, he has devoted himself to public service, collaborating with citizens of all stripes to provide affordable housing, protect our open spaces, support the arts, and much more. It is my belief that if elected to City Council, he will continue to use these skills and experiences to keep Grand Junction on the right track, promising a healthy future for our city and its residents. Please join me and vote for Chuck.


Councilmember, District F at-large

Grand Junction

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