Actions don’t match guv’s words on transparency

Gov. Jared Polis made a big show of visiting Grand Junction last weekend, and so did the Sentinel in an article on Sunday.

While we should all be grateful for Polis’ efforts to hear from voters, it’s concerning how much his administration is doing to throttle transparency in state government. The Denver Post discovered last month that multiple state agencies were attempting to delete employee emails that were just 30 to 60 days old, denying the public an essential tool to see what our representatives in government are doing and saying. It is unfortunate that Gov. Polis refused to step in and prevent this records purge. In doing so, he revealed the emptiness of his gestures towards transparency. These emails are essential for the press and the residents of Colorado to see what our government is doing and ensure that our public officials are held accountable.

Attending meetings and answering questions in public is all well and good, but the governor’s actions don’t match his words. And that’s a trend across his administration — from healthcare, to energy issues, Gov. Polis comes to our city, listens to us, and then ignores our feedback and does what he was always going to do. Transparency and accountability aren’t optional, and we deserve a governor who understands this and whose actions match his words.


Grand Junction

If OM pool funds in jeopardy, community should speak out

As an avid lap swimmer, I recently learned that the Orchard Mesa Pool may be in jeopardy of losing its funding and this is deeply concerning to a number of Mesa County residents.

We were informed that the pool is funded up until December of 2020. After that, the future of the pool is unknown. Many different people utilize the OM pool, which offers a variety of services to community members: Water aerobics; swim lessons; family swim times; swim time for children with special needs from the school district; adult lap swim times; birthday party celebrations; and water training for various groups in the community.

For many low-income families, activities at the pool are an inexpensive way to provide leisure activities for their children year-round. There is no other facility currently in Grand Junction that provides the above listed activities at a reasonable cost.

From what I have heard, it sounds like not many people are aware that currently the pool will only be funded for another year, so we wanted to get the word out. The OM pool is a valued asset to our community and would be a terrific start for a community recreation center.


and the OM lap swimmers

Grand Junction

Polis agenda is about control, not improving people’s lives

Gov. Jared Polis came to the West Slope recently to unveil his so-called “rural economic blueprint.” We’re all supposed to be grateful, I know, but let’s not fool ourselves. For almost a year, the Polis administration has been frantically transforming state government from a provider of essential public services into a massive central planning agency — and now the governor has rural Colorado in his sights.

History shows that central planners like Polis — who worship the idea of big government — have a bad habit of creating more problems than they solve and we can already see it happening under the Polis administration. Just take a look at health care — something the governor’s rural blueprint claims to care about.

Polis claims he’s already saved people huge amounts of money on health-care premiums. Not true: When you look at the facts, most Colorado households in the individual health insurance market will pay higher net premiums next year. That’s because in their rush to grab headlines, the Polis administration actually cut the federal tax credits that thousands of households receive to help cover the cost of health insurance, according to recent studies by independent health analysts.

But it gets worse. The problem of rising net premiums will only escalate under the Polis administration’s proposed public option — a state-backed insurance plan that will give the governor an even tighter grip on our health care. And to pay for this new central planning of the healthcare system, the governor wants to cut reimbursement rates for hospitals, which will necessarily lead to staffing cuts for doctors and nurses and cuts in quality and service for patients.

Next time you hear about a “blueprint” from the governor, take a closer look. You’ll find that his plans are much more about control than they are about making people’s lives better.


Mesa County Republican Party

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