HopeWest’s ‘CLUB’ is not a PACE facility

First, I want to thank The Daily Sentinel for the support and coverage of one of HopeWest’s most exciting developments. We are celebrating the opening of the Herb and Laura May Bacon Center for Living Your Best all week, with public open houses on Saturday and Sunday.

I want to clarify a couple of things covered in the recent editorial, specifically regarding HopeWest’s plans for a PACE program. PACE is an all-inclusive Medicaid and Medicare program designed for frail elders who may need care in a nursing facility but would like to remain in their own home. Organizations who run PACE programs become both the “insurer” and the “provider” of services. The rates for these programs are all-inclusive and can vary significantly year to year and place a lot of financial risk on the organization.

To remain healthy and independent as an organization, HopeWest must grow. In 2019 we have hired 75 people. We are poised to continue a fast rate of growth. There are many rapidly evolving changes in our health care system today. HopeWest must adapt to those changes and take advantage of the opportunities these significant changes create.

HopeWest decided to “press pause” on PACE and open our new Center for Living Your Best with the private membership program named The CLUB. This program features are similar to PACE but the program has no insurance eligibility or frailty requirements. It is open to all “self-defined” seniors. The CLUB includes practical support, social programs, transportation, and a wellness clinic all focused on helping seniors live their best from a mind, body, and spirit perspective. Things like Tai Chi and yoga will help people stay healthy. A putting green and exercise room will help people stay active. And, OK, the poker room and pool table will help people have fun!

In 2020 HopeWest is positioned to expand with additional programming that will advance a continuum of support between the wellness of the CLUB members and the needs of palliative care patients. We are working with insurers and the state of Colorado on the design of this programming.

We are indebted to this community for making this dream of HopeWest come true. Our success is a credit to the generosity of spirit, and the gifts of time and resources shared with our organization every day. With your help we profoundly change how people we care about experience aging, illness and grief — one family at a time.


President and CEO,


Grand Junction

Outcome of Timbreza case was a travesty of justice

So I understand that I can go out partying, get drunk, (or lit) have a wreck, and refuse the blood test and Breathalyzer test and still get off like nothing really happened.

Oh excuse me, my name is not Mr. Timbreza. Pardon me, but I have no respect for him or most of the judicial system, therefore I will not refer to him as judge. I most certainly would not refer to him as an extraordinary dedicated judge.

I do agree with the editorial that the system’s integrity is on trial, too. I am so happy to see the editorial referred to Mr. Timbreza’s sick judgment as taking his lumps. (This sounds like a little kid) What is wrong with you people? So he is referred to as “Judge” out of the “respect” for the title he earned.” You really think so?

Oh yes, of course he was sentenced to two days of jail time, which is suspended if Mr. Timbreza successfully completes one year of unsupervised probation. He also must complete 36 hours of public service and pay $200 court cost. Does this mean he is going to have to put on his big boy pants?

I cannot believe the Sentinel even stated that someone at the pool party offered to drive him home. He almost side-swiped two cars and crashed. But of course he was only “lit.” This is so hypocritical!

My husband has a commercial driver’s license. Once in awhile he needs to drive his truck for work. If, in fact, he was ever stopped for driving drunk (or lit), he would lose his CDL and therefore lose his business.

I am asking you why have some people lost respect for the judicial system?

If I were ever to go to court and I had to appear in front of Mr. Timbreza ... to tell you the truth I can’t even begin to find the words to tell you how I would feel. One word would be disgust.

Shame on you, Daily Sentinel, for saying Mr. Timbreza’s credibility is intact.

I would hope if I ever was caught “lit” while driving I would have Judge Jonathan Pototsky for my judge and the defense attorney Steve Laiche.


Grand Junction

Pedestrians need to use some common sense crossing street

We were taught as basic kindergarten education “when you get to the street we should STOP, LOOK and LISTEN to make sure there are no cars coming or that they are stopped before we step into the street to cross.

Period. SIMPLE.

Put the responsibility where it belongs. On individual responsibility. On the pedestrian.

Lets go back to basics and common sense.

You don’t just run out into traffic and expect it to stop.


Grand Junction

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