Donovan commited to helping rural Colorado

As a retired educator of Delta County, I put my full support behind Democratic Sen. Kerry Donovan in her run for re-election in Senate District 5.

Sen. Donovan has showed time and again that she is committed to rural Colorado’s best interests — the best interests of the people of rural Colorado, to be clear, and not the corporate and political interests. Sen. Kerry Donovan recognizes that our children will inherit our towns as well as our policies, and that responsible stewardship of our communities is paramount.

In today’s polarized political climate, it is comforting to see elected leaders willing to work across the aisle. Particularly in such a diverse district as SD5 which spans across seven rural counties. Kerry Donovan, a Colorado native and rancher, is the right voice for our communities, and a dedicated proponent for our values and our children’s futures.

Since 2014, Sen. Donovan has sponsored many bills related to the betterment of Colorado education, at both the K-12 and college levels. With experience as an educator herself, Sen. Donovan knows the struggles teachers and students face. She has worked to increase funding and better spending for our education system.

This November, I will be casting my ballot for Kerry Donovan and I hope you’ll join me. Our kids need Kerry.



Mitsch Bush will act like a ‘grownup’ in Congress

Are you as sick to death of partisan bickering as I am? As an independent voter, I’m looking for a candidate to represent me in Congress who will listen to opposing viewpoints and then develop positions on issues based on the needs of all stakeholders as well as the relevant facts. I was excited to learn that Diane Mitsch Bush is that kind of candidate.

Diane served for five years in the Colorado House of Representatives, where she became known for working with legislators across the aisle on issues that affect Coloradans. She has been named Legislator of the Year by both liberal and conservative groups, including Conservation Colorado, the Rocky Mountain Farmers Union, and the Colorado Livestock Association. Diane managed to gather enough bipartisan support for her bills that she has the impressive record of 75 percent of her bills being passed, even with split chambers. It’s amazing how much can get done when legislators act like grownups and work together!

If you’re excited at the prospect of having a representative in Congress who will reject knee-jerk partisanship and instead work collaboratively with other members to pass strong legislation, please support Diane Mitsch Bush.


Grand Junction

Thea Chase endorsed by fellow Palisade trustee for House 54

The partisan divide in our political discourse has devolved into something much more serious in recent years, and it resembles the sectarian conflicts of nations we often provide stability for. It’s a problem that we all seem to recognize but are reluctant to take responsibility for. As one voter, I am going to take this opportunity to seek out candidates who ignore partisanship and seek out solutions to problems. With that in mind I am endorsing independent candidate Thea Chase for House District 54.

I have the pleasure of serving with Thea as a trustee in the town of Palisade. Prior to my time on the board, and since being elected, I have been humbled by her ability to serve in the civic realm. Thea’s biggest strength, and what she will bring to the state Legislature, is an uncanny ability to ask critical questions about a wide range of issues. Her broad experience in multiple sectors, mixed with her generally inquisitive mindset allows her to seek answers that most people overlook.

More often than not, I find myself, and observing other board members questioning our own understanding, and a substantive discussion ensues. Her ability to seek out deeper understanding or to draw more information out of people addressing the board consistently puts us in better situations to make decisions. This makes her an invaluable asset to our board, but also a potentially game changing legislator at the state level.

Most importantly her agenda is not pre-set, but is rather representative. Instead of exhausting her campaign efforts on pushing an agenda, she has focused on initiating group discussions on specific topics that pertain to western Colorado. With Thea Chase you will never have to worry that she is coming into a discussion uneducated or without a basket full of critical questions to test a hypothesis. Furthermore, she will not forsake doing the right thing for the sake of pushing an agenda. It is without reservation that I endorse Thea Chase for House District 54 and I feel privileged to do so. Please join me in taking ownership of our current political state by electing a critical problem-solver who will stop at no end to serve your best purposes.


Town of Palisade trustee

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