Timbreza proves there’s more than one set of rules

Is there anyone within the readership of the Sentinel who didn’t expect Judge Lance Timbreza to get off with a minor slap on the wrist?

We were told by this paper immediately that he “refused the roadside sobriety test” and didn’t want to go to jail, because “they’ll kill me there.” All this after he had apparently jeopardized other drivers, and subsequently wrecked his own SUV, while driving “lit.”

If “buzzed” driving gets you a ticket and a trip to jail, how is “lit” driving any different? He was charged with DUI and careless driving, but it was reduced to DWAI. What a deal! His ability was impaired, all right. He wrecked his own SUV as a result, after being warned not to drive by some “professional” person at the party. What happened to careless driving?

Sollars said it right: “Most of us don’t get that luxury.” Proving once again there is more than one edition of laws, Timbreza wasn’t “treated as any ordinary citizen” by any stretch of the imagination. I know people who have been jailed, and the costs to them were more than $10,000 for the first offense. No reductions, no plea bargains, and no mercy — but they were real ordinary citizens. As I see it, Timbreza is a member of “protected” groups. He’s a judge — so he doesn’t even go before regular citizens’ judges. He doesn’t get prosecuted by the local district attorney. He’s a member of law enforcement, just like the lawyers and the officer(s) who attended the accident, but didn’t take him to jail, as they would have me, or any other “regular” citizen.

“Justice” in this case, hasn’t been served. Far from it. There is some information in what has transpired with Timbreza over the last several months: If you get pulled over and the officer wants you to do a sobriety test — refuse. Ask that you not be taken to jail — afraid you’ll be killed. I can assure you that you’ll be arrested and go to jail — not to the police department, and then be released. Those things happen only to those in “protected” classes, with their own set of rules. What a travesty of so-called “justice.” Want to bet there is no such thing as a “two-tiered system”? We see it all the time…


Grand Junction

Don’t let leftist intimidation silence conservative views

Why is the left (the bastion of tolerance!) so intolerant of opinions that differ from theirs, and so afraid to let other opinions be heard? It seems to me that if you’re afraid to let different opinions be heard, you must not think that your beliefs can stand up to scrutiny.

Leftists try to silence opposition through intimidation. Thus throwing paint on fur coats, holding disruptive protests not just at a bank but at the bank president’s home, publicizing names — and addresses — of donors to encourage harassing action, deceitful character assassination, physically threatening (Denver) those circulating petitions to recall Polis, and (Eckert) threatening to “destroy” a business that allowed a petition.

When I don’t agree with a petition, I just don’t sign. Occasionally I’ve had a conversation with the circulator to learn “the other side of the story,” but never confrontationally. What’s wrong with the left that they can’t hear a varying opinion? Why are they so scared?

The left believes that others are not #Woke. They are enlightened; the rest of us are knuckle-draggers refusing to embrace a socialist future, which they believe will ensure equality of outcome (disregarding individual effort). The starvation and misery of Venezuela, Cuba, and other socialist states don’t persuade them. Their trite belief: the right people weren’t in charge.

Throughout history, the right people have never been in charge.

We need to publicly support conservative candidates and issues. Please don’t let leftist intimidation silence you.



Who thought moving the BLM here was a good idea?

Oh joy!

The Bureau of Land Management is relocating to Grand Junction, and we’re supposed to be just giddy about it!

Yup, just what we need — a Washington D.C. based agency moving its headquarters to our backyard, and bringing their D.C. concepts as to what’s best for Colorado.

I can’t help but wonder how many thousands of acres of open public land will soon be on the chopping block? Or worse, downsized, or gated and locked up. And that impact to the oil and gas industry, to agriculture and grazing rights.

If you thought our roads and parking lots were too congested and jam-packed before, you’re right! Now add 27 more families, 27 of their friends, 27 of their cousins! And yet the Grand Junction bureaucracy wants you to believe its the greatest thing since sliced bread and Vaseline.

Evidently Mayor Taggart and others don’t enter or exit Patterson Road at 8 a.m.or 5 p.m. What the hell were they really thinking? More like not thinking!


Grand Junction

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