We had people illegally dump a large sleeper couch, dilapidated furniture, and multiple mattresses and box springs in front of our house. The items are too large to be taken by the spring cleanup crews. Please don’t abuse your neighbors or spring cleanup; that’s how those services disappear.

The StarTek property would be good for the grocery store that the downtown area sorely needs. Yes, residential development is important, but a nearby grocery store would facilitate that. Surely the City Council and the DDA can manage that, after engineering a residential development on the R5 property.

Rose Pugliese as the county attorney sole finalist? Talk about cronyism!

The county planning commission has done it again. They approve a big development for the Whitewater area and I heard nothing about it. I don’t live far from the site and never received a notice of the proposal. None of my neighbors knew about it either. I did receive a notice about a plan to add a second residence on a lot just South of this large project. With the traffic and highway speeds, a proposal of this many housing units would be ridiculous. No wonder they didn’t let people know. It’s all about the tax dollar and not about the community.

To the Grand Junction City Council members: Please go visit the Fruita Community Center. If you propose building a community center identical to it here in Grand Junction, you have my vote. Nothing ostentatious needed. Simply a great, well run, clean, well planned Community Center.

Perhaps, solely due to the lack of water, it is time to close the gates? We are the high desert, after all. Just saying.

Building low-income housing in Whitewater is a bad idea. I adhere to the belief that diversifying our neighborhoods is what makes a city great. Also, commuting to work from Whitewater may be problematic for some people.

I would like to thank the person who bought three elderly ladies lunch at the Main Street Cafe on March 16. It was a surprise and very sweet! Thanks so much!

Imagine if Rose Pugliese buys a house in Scott McInnis’ district, and runs for commissioner again in 2022. That would really be a neat, full-circle thing handed to her by the current commission.

Thank you Grand Junction for legalizing recreational marijuana sales! Perhaps this will help alleviate a large percentage of the speeding and reckless driving problems we have created in Palisade.

I’ve been mulling over Matt Soper’s insinuation that the City Council election must have been rigged, since “their” candidates didn’t win. It couldn’t possibly be because the four winners were better candidates, and had studied up on the issues and formulated ideas for solutions. Plus, the election is overseen by a duly-elected Republican county clerk who claims to know how our election system could be manipulated.