Shame on you Palisade. The Weedery has been an exemplary business that has done many good things for Palisade. No neon signs either! As a longtime Palisade resident I know we have had a lot more problems with drunks and alcohol than anything sold at the Weedery. You need to reconsider or lose this valuable business. De Beque built a new school with the income from their pot shops. The Weedery has proven their ability to be a responsible, valuable member of our community. Let’s not lose them. That location is not a problem.

I was in Grand Junction on Sunday, March 28, for a dog trial held at Mesa County Fairgrounds. When the trial was over I stopped at Safeway and when I returned to my car I had a flat tire! A wonderful, nice man by the name of Jack took the time to help me out and he removed the flat and put on the spare all with a smile on his face. He was having his own hectic day yet he took the time to help out a frustrated lady from Fort Collins and refused to accept any compensation.

Be sure to check with your doctors, dentists and other health care professionals to see if they have been vaccinated; you would be surprised to know that many of them have not. I think it is reckless for the people to whom we place our trust to not be vaccinated. You might consider switching doctors or dentists.

Yes, COVID-19 restrictions are lessening. However, if you are now wanting to visit someone in a health care facility, please be respectful of that facility’s guidelines and protocols. These are for everyone’s protection. Don’t take it personally.

Standing ovation to Andrea Nederveld’s letter to the editor responding to Cody Davis’s recent op-ed regarding the right to choose whether to wear a mask or not. Although we have individual rights, as community members we have the responsibility to make choices that do not inflict potential harm to our fellow citizens. Do the right thing and mask up.

I find it a little hypocritical for a town that spends so much time and money advertising wine and all the things connected to wine like tours, sales, festivals, etc, to be so down on the location of their pot stores. There are a lot of people around who think that both wine and pot are evil and that they should both be banned from use. I guess they are just pretty selective about which evil they support.

The article on Sen. Teller failed to mention that the “Indian School” on D road which became the Grand Junction Regional Center was named the “Teller Institute.”

Palisade is missing an opportunity to grow their total customer base by including those who may want to stop and shop for fruit, wine, or “Weed.” Similar to going to the store for one product, and leaving with a sack of last minute items. I don’t use weed, but if I was going to try it, what better place to “check it out,” without the stigma of going to a place that only sells marijuana products. Mr. Loughman should apply for a license in GJ (if businesses are approved) and raise the tax growth here.