I was sitting on the fence regarding the rec center measure. Sure, it's a nice idea. It was the pro 2C advertisements that finally pushed me against it. Suicide and crime will plummet (huh?). Mental health will soar (what?). Rich entrepreneurs and sports teams will flock to the valley (really?) C'mon. It's a rec center. How gullible do you think we are?

Places like Riggs Hill provide a great scenic short hike. Unfortunately some people who walk their dogs on the trail do not clean up after their animals, making it all quite unpleasant for the rest of us. I have seen this at other places around town; I couldn't let my grandson use the swings at the small park at the fairgrounds due to dog droppings. Please, some common consideration!

I am all for sharrow if the bicyclists start paying a fair share of the cost of maintaining the roads. Let's tax them like we do the autos and make them licensed once again. Then they can sharrow all they want! What is wrong with our powers that be to pass this junk?

So if the cyclists can use all the lanes on the road should they not buy license plates and contribute to the upkeep?

What a wonderful surprise five 80-year-old ladies received at Red Lobster recently. "A gentlemen comped your lunch," the server told them. This amazing act of kindness will always be part of the memories they share (and they will pay it forward!).

Grand Junction High School was built on swamp land and has been sinking since the day it was built. Build a new high school at Matchett Park/farm and include a pool and other niceties for all to enjoy!

What is going to be more harmful to children at Chipeta Elementary — two vials of mercury some kid brought in one day or a lifetime of legal marijuana?

Another generous act when our breakfast at Denny's last Sunday was paid for. What a special treat. Thank you, much appreciated!

My Sunday walk was ruined by "burn baby, burn" contaminated air prevalence and thinking. Welcome to lung cancer city. Check the incidence rates. Farmers and leaders apparently don't care about the majority's thinking. Put it on as a ballot issue. 21st century is here.

To the person who decorates a pole with streamers in an empty lot at 28¼ Road (down the street from the fire station): We miss the streamers. With the streamers we always knew which direction the wind blows. Thank you.

New fire stations and more firemen, just what we needed. Now I will sleep better at night knowing that the fire department has never lost a foundation.

I'm for allowing bicyclists using a "full auto lane" when posted speeds are between 35 and 45 mph. Can we continue to pedal at those speeds? Sure! no problem! Traffic backup at busy hours will have to share the roadway! And we should also allow the battery powered scooter wheelchairs the same privileges. They pay taxes as well.

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