If the Avalon Theatre really wants to raise more money for improvements in the near future, I should like to suggest that they save some cash by running the air conditioning at something above ice cold and freezing. Those of us who like to attend movies and shows have had to resort to jackets, sweaters and the occasional blanket to keep warm in the auditorium. Pretty ridiculous in July and August. Please keep the temperature cool, but not shivery cold!

I just want to say thanks to the Colorado State Patrol for finally starting to patrol the U.S. Highway 50 area from Orchard Mesa to Kannah Creek again. This is a very busy rural area and there are far too many aggressive speeders. I wish the highway department would consider lowering the speed limit back to what it was.

Comparing District 51 learning averages to the statewide averages is like comparing the quarterback who couldn't make the team to the third-stringer who did! Looks like the only thing they learn well is how to take PSAT tests.

It's curious that someone would think BLM employees would experience "culture shock" by moving from Washington D.C. to Grand Junction. Where do you think those employees lived before going to Washington? I know BLM employees who have turned down promotions because they did not want to leave the West and live in D.C. The reason they went to work for the BLM in the first place was a love of "mountain sports, high desert and the cowboy way." The only "shock" they will find is the amount of house they can buy in Grand Junction compared to D.C.

I had to use North Avenue from 28 Road to Melody Lane last week. It has been over a year since I drove it and Grand Junction should be ashamed of how terrible this section is. I will definitely avoid this area. The city can plant hundreds of dollars worth of trees and spend thousands of dollars on curbing and sidewalks and concrete trails in the Las Colonias area and then turn around and tear them out. Our city officials make no sense in their planning and spending. What a waste of our money.

Over the 4th of July, there was a fire started by fireworks and the cause was determined within hours, if not minutes. Palisade holds a fireworks event at the Peach Festival and a fire occurs nearby at the exact same time. Yet in this instance, authorities say it may take weeks to determine the official cause. Huddled up with lawyers perhaps?

Why should I support TABOR? I don't own any property, so how will I receive any refund?

If we're going to go after bears that attack people in their environment, shouldn't we do the same with sharks?

I'm a senior citizen who lives in the CMU area and spent last Sunday coughing because of the smoke coming into my house through my swamp cooler from CMU's welcome barbecue event. I turned off my cooler, but it was still in the 90s during the event. Most of my neighbors have swamp coolers also. I understand there is to be another welcome barbecue this Sunday. Due to the fire alert, perhaps the dinner could be moved indoors.

To the person who believes that we're all doing the roundabouts incorrectly because we're not using our signals, if you've ever been to any European country you'd know that the process is to enter when you have a two-car length opportunity and leave the roundabout at your exit. Get in and get out. If you stop treating it like a four-way stop and more like the merge in/merge out situation that it is, then they run very smoothly.

Answer me this: Local grocery stores and other businesses have parking lot spots where empty shopping carts can be put. Why do people leave carts in between or in front of cars? Why can't they find it in themselves to place it where it belongs? Also, why can't some put small carts in one line and large in another, pushed together, and why do they take carts to the return receptacle and leave them outside the rails?

Must we see the same names and faces over and over again in politics? It's like a haunting episode of the Twilight Zone. Here exists a land with people of no imagination that elect the same people over and over again.

Once again my heartfelt appreciation to the Grand Junction Fire Department ambulance crew and to the wonderful night emergency room staff at our Grand Junction Veterans Medical Center. Also, my thanks to the fifth floor staff of doctors, nurses, technicians and pharmacists. Your care of my dear hubby was exceptionally professional, kind and gentle. Thank you.

Who determines "established" bicycle routes? Is there an opposing view opportunity? South Broadway from South Camp to Broadway should NOT be a bicycle route. The road is narrow with no shoulder and blind curves. Vehicle traffic is heavy with new homes, a golf course, a church, and school bus traffic. Vehicles frequently have to stop for opposing traffic before getting around a bicyclist! The road is not a place for a bicycle!

When will people learn to not leave valuables in their car and to lock their vehicles? Take some responsibility.

CDOT held a very informative telephone interactive call-in for citizens this past week. I was fortunate to remind them that potholes never get smaller, only larger and deeper. Interstate 70 traveling both east and west from Glenwood Springs to Grand Junction and back is ripe with traps to potentially injure motorcyclists (or kill them). They also have the ability to shake your auto's front suspension with some serious intentions. I didn't even dare to address the rollercoaster that is U.S. Highway 50 from Grand Junction to Delta. Their response was that there are to be some repairs coming — in the next few years. Once again, the Western Slope comes up as the orphan child of the roadway.


We are recent transplants from the Front Range and though no place is perfect, we love the Grand Valley and all it offers. It's a special place in Colorado and we look forward to sharing it with our Denver friends. Happy to be here.

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