I would like to send a huge thank you to the customer or employee at City Market on 12th and Patterson who turned in my iPhone that I left at the self check out. I called the store and was so relieved that some good person had turned it in. We recently moved to GJ from the Denver area and we love this community. There are such good people out there and not enough positive stories to read about. Everyone should find something positive every day and not focus so much on the trivial irritants.

A hearty welcome to the new BLM families relocating from Washington D.C. to Grand Junction. Be sure to bring all of your household belongings with you when you move into your new home because there is an extreme shortage of department stores to shop at on the Western Slope. Coming from a large metropolis, you may experience culture shock unless you love mountain sports, high desert and "the cowboy way." Leaving your family and friends behind is always difficult so hopefully you will be welcomed with open arms by those who live here.

People need more information than just how to use the darn roundabout. What about the failure to use turn signals? What about running traffic signal lights and signs? I feel like nobody in town deserves their driver's license because obviously if they are willing to put other lives and property at risk, they didn't read the manual. I think a mandatory driving course should be required for all new drivers and when you renew your license, and harsher punishments if you get in a crash and it's your fault.

I keep reading about the proposed Palisade Plunge from the top of Grand Mesa to Palisade. Has an environmental study has been done on tearing up the face of Grand Mesa? Where are the environment people on this? You know the bikers will not stay on the trail. They will see a game trail and wonder where that goes. 

Am I the only one who thinks the housing prices around here are unaffordable? It is no wonder there are so many homeless people — $1,100 for a two-bedroom apartment and not even in a good neighborhood? Are you kidding me?

The fair this year was disappointing, to say the least. There were no rides (just inflatable kid toys) and the vendors were disappointing as well. It used to be so fun, but I wouldn't waste a dime on it next year unless they restructure and get it back to being a "fair" instead of basically an animal auction mixed with a McDonald's play place.

I'm sick of hearing complaints from developers about fees they must pay to develop land in Mesa County. I'm sure those costs all get passed on to the ultimate purchasers of those projects. And now City Council wants taxpayers to fund improvements to 24 Road because it would be good for economic development in close proximity to an exit off I-70. Let the landowners and the eager developers along 24 Road figure out who is going to pay to upgrade the road to provide access to the future projects they would like to make money on.

Thanks for the great article and pictures about Don Fillman, who worked to help send the Saturn V to the moon and back. He is a real hero and all the people who worked so hard to make it work! I remember watching it 50 years ago and really had no idea what an accomplishment it was at the time; I do now, though.

Thank you to the Grand Junction City Council on selecting a fantastic councilman to replace Duncan McArthur. Kraig Andrews is a dedicated community member and a thoughtful person. He will do well.

Nice of the school district and the leadership to spend hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars on curriculum not approved by the Colorado Department of Education, and also does not meet academic standards. Wow, I wonder why our kids have proficiency rates in the 20th percentile?

To the newcomer who asked if it made sense or was normal to work on roads but not include bike lanes on established bike routes? The answer, unfortunately, is "no" and "yes," respectively. It's not just the city, but county and state. Tons of road work done with only minor additions and improvements to bike lanes, extra-wide sidewalks, or simply keeping shoulders clean and free of goatheads and glass. 

What would it take to entice Southwest Airlines to bring service to Grand Junction? A few years ago they added Denver to its destination list, but in order to take advantage of that, one must drive or fly another airline over there. Southwest is consistently the No. 1 rated airline in the U.S. The county, city and Airport Board should petition them to expand service to Grand Junction.

Traffic has more than doubled on 22 1/2 Road at Redlands Village the past two years, both north and south. There are now two definite groups of drivers. One group uses 22 1/2 Road driving at dangerous speeds — there are more motorcycles, builders with trailers, cars and trucks — at all hours of the day and night. The second group lives in the middle of Redlands Village and use roads that cross 22 1/2. New speed limit signs have been put in on Tiffany Drive because of more and faster traffic. The traffic on 22 1/2 Road needs to be managed.

New to area, but what's up along the roadway and frontage road from Unaweep Avenue to City Market? Is Orchard Mesa part of Grand Junction, and do business standards exist? I've heard and have now seen closed motels, poor or missing signage, weed maintenance visible from the highway on private property, vacant and boarded up buildings. Where are civic leaders? Do other businesses just ignore this ? Is this stretch in a "no one cares" land area?

Who in leadership accurately represents Grand Junction and not just oil and gas interests? Commissioners against zero-emission vehicle standards in our already "burn baby burn" believe in our air-polluted county, and their pro-gas project stance says it all. Has our county been polled for this support or is it self-serving for the commissioners? Get rid of the self-servers. Thinly veiled and generally transparent to all.

To those wondering why the city widened one part of South Camp Road but not a narrower section between Buffalo Drive and Monument Road: the reason is simple. That stretch isn't within the city limits but rather is under the jurisdiction of Mesa County. The city couldn't touch it even if they wanted to.

I have been going to county fairs off and on for at least 70 years and to some 20 different fairs. This year's fair is the first one that has not had a real midway — no rides, few games and just those bump and jumps. I'm sure there were lots of disappointed kids this year.

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