Never expected it — at the Sonic drive-through in Clifton, we called in our order and pulled up to the car in front of us. As that car pulled out, I went to pay our bill and the clerk said "the car in front of you paid for your hamburgers." I was totally surprised and almost speechless, but thanked the clerk and we will "pay it forward." Thank you to whomever it was, as this was a first for my wife and myself. 

I applaud Gateway School for its learning model. I wonder if this is the best way to spend district money during cutbacks. The principal is paid the same as principals responsible for 20 times the students. Teachers make the same money but see fewer students in one day than other teachers are seeing in one period, and the funding per student is three times that of other schools. I understand it is a rural community, but that is a choice the residents make. School District 51 needs to revisit the allocation of resources to that school.

The Grand Junction Regional Center property would be great for centralized homeless activities, including Catholic Outreach for day shows and lunchtime meals, for places to stay overnight, and for the development of parks for the homeless. Camping areas with shoulders could be developed. Maybe even some housing (little house communities).

It's exciting news that the BLM headquarters will be moving to Grand Junction but it's a shame that we can't offer their new arrivals an opportunity to enjoy our new community/recreation center.

The optimal word in speed limit is the word "limit." It means the maximum allowed driving speed. It does not mean the speed that one must be going at all times. If I want to go five miles under the speed limit so that I don't accidentally go over the speed limit then I am going to do so. As for the left lane passing lane rule, this only applies to highways with a posted speed limit of 65 mph or greater. It does not apply to Patterson or North or Highway 6&50 or I-70B.

A tragedy occurred at our home on Orchard Mesa and fire, ambulance, and other county agencies responded. A "neighbor" we have yet to meet came outside and took pictures with her cellphone. There was no introduction, no offer to assist, not a hello or an inquiry as to what happened. I'm puzzled why was she out there immortalizing the misfortune of others. Whatever happened to neighbors being neighborly? Folks need to put the phones away and try to remember how to treat others with kindness, concern, and a little respect, rather than putting them on display.

I have a high school alumni newsletter for my class of 1950. I'm sure some of my friends hold opposite political views from mine. We grew up in a small community (84 in the graduating class) and were drafted during the Korean conflict and lost a classmate there. There were some divorces. There were some special-needs children. Then there were the illnesses and deaths. I cared about all my classmates, Republican or Democrat, and still do. We do not communicate about politics. If I may be so daring, we now love and respect, as survivors, each other despite our differences.

As a retired natural resource professional, I can tell you it's a big mistake not to have your headquarters in the capital where all money, power and influence emanates. It's a daily battle. This is an attempt to be able to influence the department in regard to development interests.

Am I the only one slightly upset that the Mesa County Fair did not actually have a carnival this year? Instead it had Inflataville. The whole point of a fair is the carnival, animals and grandstand events, not whatever kind of weird hippie stuff Mesa County decided to do.

I'm sick of reading about these kids complaining their school was built in the 1950s. My house is older than that. It doesn't cost $179 million to build a school. They need to realize they should budget their money just like everyday civilians budget what they need vs. what they want.

It seemed like a nice residential location 20 years ago, across the street from the park, golf course, and school. Now, the two-bedroom rental house on the corner next door appears to be a transit hub operation, bringing in money and harboring an assortment of vehicles, vans and trailers. They park on the street for days without moving, and in the crosswalk next to the stop sign. Just guess the response from GJPD and Code Enforcement. For the most part it is lamentable.

I'm a conservative Republican, I didn't vote for Gov. Polis before and won't next time, but I disagree with this effort to recall him. He's only done what he said he would do during his campaign. The people have already spoken — get over it and move on. Advice to the GOP — focus on the state reps and try to win back majority in the House or Senate during the next election, then focus on the next gubernatorial election and put the current effort of the recall toward that election.

A couple comments on last week's column. The electoral college was set up so less populated areas would have a say in picking the president. Without the electoral college you'll have large cities and states like New York and California deciding the election. Your vote won't count. The Canadians we've met (called snowbirds) go home to keep their health care because it's all they have, but they come here to obtain the health care they can't get in Canada or have to wait months and months for.

After decades of looking the other way and ignoring what is happening to the city, taxpayers refused to pass any new taxes. Well, it appears to have caught up with everyone. New taxes for police, fire and teachers. Now the schools are falling apart. Is the response to this going to be "I don't use it I won't pay for it" like everyone else? Too bad I did not realize the place was falling apart when I moved here recently. I would have picked a community that took better care of itself.

I'm appalled to read that a judge is not held to the same accountability as everyone else. The moment he chose to get behind the wheel and drive while intoxicated, he forfeited the right to sit in judgment of anyone else. My sister was killed by a drunk driver. Thankfully, no one else was involved in his accident. Every person that chooses to drink and drive should have to sit and watch a person die. Mr. Timbreza should lose all of his privileges — the right to drive, the right to judge others, and be treated no differently than anyone else.

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