We recently attended the Tab Benoit concert at the Fruita State Park, and headed home around 10 p.m. At about 10:45 our doorbell rang, and there were two incredibly wonderful people returning my phone, credit cards and cash that they had found at the park. We didn't have the presence of mind to ask for your names, but I can't tell you how thankful we are that such terrific people found our items. You have our heartfelt thanks and total appreciation. We sometimes forget how wonderful and thoughtful people can be. Thank you so much for your honesty and caring.

When is the school district going to replace the split-rail fence posts that have rotted off in front of Wingate School?  The fence looks real shabby. And when is the city going to fix the block wall and railing that was washed out by a big rainstorm a couple years ago along South Camp Road? Are they waiting for someone to come down the sidewalk and go off into the dry creek bed?

Colorado Mesa baseball game tickets are not overpriced for senior citizens as they cost only $5 for admission. GJ Rockies tickets are $9/$11 respectively. So what's the issue?  Anyone been to a movie theatre lately with a box of popcorn purchased ($15 to $20 easy)?  A well-played college baseball game at Suplizio Field is well worth the price of entry for a nationally ranked program. And you can bring in your picnic basket to a CMU baseball game; try that at JUCO and the GJ Rockies games; you will be turned away.

I have a serious argument with the soaps and potions right next to the pharmacy at the 12th Street City Market. I have fairly normal allergies to fragrances, and the ones at this market can send me into an asthmatic reaction by just walking by. I have mentioned it to managers on duty, and I even told a pharmacist there that I'm going to have to move my prescriptions from their store. I've done everything I know to get the soaps moved away from a main aisle of the store. I guess at this point, I will take my business elsewhere.

I want to thank the staff of The Daily Sentinel for your excellent coverage of local, state and national news. Also for your sharing of diverse opinions. As a conservative, I don't always appreciate some liberal positions presented, but I need to ponder them nonetheless. Thank you for attempting to present both liberal and conservative perspectives as well as centrist views. Your newspaper is a blessing to our community, even when I don't agree. So, God bless you! I know there's an enormous amount of work involved.

Kudos to City of Grand Junction, Mesa County and state parks for the year-round efforts to keep the Riverfront Trail cleared and repaired from one end of the valley to the other. Also, thanks for all the new and improved trail signage recently installed!

Is it about time for Grand Junction to get a Costco?

Just like the Luke Bryan song, I, too, believe most people are good. Thank you so very much to the person who turned in my wallet at the North Avenue Walmart on the Fourth of July. You reinforced my beliefs. Thank you again.

The Glacier Ice Arena is for sale, at a steal of a price. The city and/or county should wake up and realize that it's the perfect centerpiece for a recreation center in this valley! How about it? Like many centers across the country it would feature a skating rink, perhaps a pool, gymnasium, climbing wall, senior center, indoor track and all conveniently located near the riverfront walking trail. Build on to it and they will come!

To the people who paid for our (mine and my husband's) dinners at Red Lobster the day before Father's Day — thank you so very much! It was a hard time for me as I lost my dad in March. It meant a lot and I thank you again!

Is there a City Council member who has a family member who is profiting from investments in Dos Rios?

To the property owner who conducted an agricultural burn recently, and probably related to the juvenile who started the Redlands fire: If your goal was to compromise the health of at-risk residents, disruption of airline operations and replicate a mushroom cloud on the heels of the Aug. 6 anniversary, then mission accomplished.

Poor hummingbirds. With this heat, change their nectar often. Even toss in a few ice cubes at evening time. 

The downtown area is classified as a park, and maintained by the city parks department. If it is illegal for transients to sleep in city parks, why are they allowed to sleep in the downtown shopping park? I have seen many bedded down on benches, in doorways, and next to buildings at night. I am sorry for their plight, but this is not my vision of a well-managed city. Let's end this before our beautiful downtown becomes an open air toilet as well.

Thank you Gary McCallister for presenting science in a fun and interesting light — one that everyone can understand. I look forward to reading your column every Friday. Your humor makes me laugh and wish I had you as a professor when I was at Mesa State College. P.S. your wife is a saint!

A huge thanks to the guy who called and returned my fly box at Corn Lake. There are considerable hours and money invested in tying and buying them. You restored my faith in honest people. Thanks again.

Having a hard time thinking about how much the debt is? Lake Powell is about 150 miles long, about 500 feet deep and contains about 8 trillion gallons of water. Think about 2½ Lake Powells full of water and then you can see how large the national debt is.  

Don't know what Bible the border protesters were quoting from, because the word "alien" was never used in the Bible. "Stranger" yes, alien no.

"Demand, little supply" glares at us from the business section of the  newspaper. Yet we started counting the pictures of homes for sale in the same paper and stopped counting at 200. Hundreds of other homes didn't get their pictures in the paper but are waiting patiently for buyers, many for months. Builders are pulling the wool over our eyes. I hope they know how to pay for new roads, more water,  etc. Really, builders, how much is enough?

We have all seen videos of the refugee camps in other countries around the world, where people fleeing violence in their own country can be held until they can be assimilated or it is safe to return home. What I do not understand is why the United States keeps refugees in overcrowded jail cells, separating families. Where are our humane refugee camps?

Why do people think it is OK to grab a piece of fruit from the produce section or a donut from the display case and give it to their children as a snack or eat themselves while shopping without  paying for it? No matter how you look at it, it is stealing and they are teaching their children that this is OK. It's not OK.

Unfortunately the only way a "popular" vote in this country would be fair would be to give each state the same amount of votes. If California has 35 million votes for the most "popular" candidate, why shouldn't Rhode Island, Vermont, or even "CALIrado"?

To the driving 101 person. How long have you been on the road? It doesn't matter if it's a two-lane or four-lane. If the speed limit is 65 or less, the left lane is not a passing only lane. At 75 and above, left lane is passing only.

If people think navigating the bikers on Monument Road is difficult, try South Camp. There is a bike path, but the bikers will not use it. So the driver has a double line in the middle and nowhere for the biker outside the white line. It is very dangerous for everyone. The city just repaved the road but did not add extra road base for the bikers outside the white line. Bikers need to be responsible also!

In a reply to the person talking about how individuals need driving 101, no one is even stopping at stop signs or stoplights in this town. On average, four people run stoplights when the light is red and others completely blow through stop signs without a care in the world. People do not need driving lessons, they need their whole license revoked for putting other competent drivers in harm's way.

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