I’m glad Deborah Tomlinson’s family got some closure. At least they know who killed her. I wish Patsy Haywood’s family had closure. She was murdered in 1964 here in Grand Junction. It’s too late for her parents to have closure but she has siblings, friends, and other family members who remember her, who’d love to have some answers.

Thank you for the article about the tragedy outside of the 1979 The Who concert. People from my high school have been able to come together to honor the lives lost. Lately, as much as people are hurting, we can work to create some good. Like they ended the streaming show with the words from Tommy, “I’ve got a feeling twenty-one is going to be a good year.”

Here is a thought — forget giving “presents” to each other and give your “presence” (or money) to the nonprofits who can then help others.

As the owner of a downtown business, I absolutely do hear a lot of complaints from customers and employees having to search for close-by parking. I also see a lot of angry people finding parking tickets on their windshields! I disagree with the idea of converting half of downtown’s largest parking lot into an event plaza that would be used only on a few weekends and only in the warm seasons. During the holiday season, for instance, those parking spaces would be gone for no reason.

To the persons who disagreed with the city purchase of a derelict property and donating it to Catholic Charities Outreach, I believe it’s a great thing. The entire community, physically and financially, supports Outreach — multiple denominations of faith, service clubs and businesses and individuals — not just one faith.

I notice that online stores are charging city sales tax on residents who live outside the city limits. Will we be reimbursed by the city municipality?

Looks like the City Council is trying for a ballot two-fer by tying the legalizing cannabis dispensaries (pot shops) in the city and using the tax revenue to help pay for a rec center, possibly including an ice rink (an additional money pit!), thus pandering to three separate groups in one election. In other words, they want more availability of recreational drugs for a few to fund more recreation for all — typical political logic. Maybe they will include a then-needed drug rehab center in the rec center also?

I cannot even begin to imagine the number of man-years the BLM spent approving a new location for the American flag on Highway 50. It must have been a very important task to require so much time and effort, and tax dollars. The flag has been there for years and is a joy to see. Why not just make an exception and leave it where it is? Our government is totally dysfunctional.

Before we lose any more parking for a downtown plaza, maybe we should find an alternative. Wells Fargo owns a large parking space between Main Street and Colorado Avenue. What about negotiating a deal for parking during events or purchase half their lot? Maybe shut off the road between Main and Colorado on Second Street as walking-only for a plaza. We need a site plan that we can view and vote on for further considerations. Parking downtown is terrible unless you don’t shop or eat there regularly. Decision-makers should go during events or pick up food to see limited parking from Seventh to First streets.

Every news story about how Grand Valley Transit wants more, more, more. GVT is subsidized by taxpayer dollars, and there are so few passengers and these buses run around empty almost all day long, why not shut it down? Don’t quite understand where the county gets their passenger count for the year.

I have a brilliant idea. Let’s call a sabbatical for all students, teachers, bus drivers, etc., until school starts in August 2021. Whatever class you are in now is where you’ll be next year. Just de-stress. Pursue whatever you want — gaming, art, music, reading, writing, dance, or doing nothing. No one has to worry if school is in or remote. Parents don’t have to worry, yell or discipline about getting homework done. Teachers can rest and gather strength for next year when we are all vaccinated and on to a healthier life.

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