I hope the person who is going to stop paying taxes because he/she doesn’t like what they’re used for also quits driving on public roads, takes his/her children out of public school, stays out of public parks, doesn’t walk on public sidewalks or use any other amenities paid for by tax dollars. That’s what taxes pay for.

During the last few months there have been multiple stories about the people and organizations that worked on the revitalization of the riverfront. Overlooked were three very involved organizations: Colorado Department of Health, U.S. Department of Energy and the taxpayer. Without the contributions of significant time, effort and money in the mill tailings removal, the riverfront cleanup may still be a work in progress. Also, the original bridge to Watson Island and existing island bridge in Palisade would not have happened without the transfer of surplus property by these government agencies.

If Fruita can keep its swimming pool open during the pandemic, why can’t Grand Junction reopen the Orchard Mesa pool?

I recently spent several weeks at the Center at Foresight recovering from a broken hip. What a great facility and staff. Even during the pandemic, these dedicated folks went far beyond what I was expecting to provide first class care in everything they did. A special thanks to all the nurses, physical and occupational therapists, cleaning personnel and the dining/kitchen staff. You all are the best of the best. Thank You all!

The Rockies baseball organization has had one superstar, several star players and a bunch of others. I would rather see the stars play out their rookie contracts then move on to other teams, than to languish in Denver. Cut your best deal Trevor Story and move on.

I just received my 2021 property tax notice. How is it possible that we are still being charged taxes that will go to GVDD when they still owe millions to people? I haven’t received my refunds yet, and we are going on a couple years now. They shouldn’t get more taxpayer money until they take care of their debts and show they can manage finances appropriately.

The City Council is operating under the assumption of a “build-it-and-they-will-come” rationale when considering the ice rink purchase. If so, can we expect the same assumption for cannabis shops?

I urge those in charge of budget planning for the City of Grand Junction to consider taxpayers, the current COVID-19 situation and changes in the economy. Please do not saddle us with taxes for an ice rink and community center at this time. We don’t need or want more taxes.

Many things have been listed as accomplishments completed by President Foster but one area should also be mentioned. He has offered countless acts of kindness and other times where he enabled something supportive for others with no fan-fare or recognition made. These are the acts of a true leader. You will be missed Tim.

If the wolves are only going to be released in Western Colorado than the Front Range should not have been allowed to vote on this. In fairness the wolves should be released all over the state.

For those of you who are still on the fence about the COVID-19 vaccine, here’s the deal. On the one hand you have the virus. On the other hand you have the vaccine. Sooner or later you will get one or the other, your choice. As for me, as a senior, I want to get back to enjoying the upcoming holidays with my family and friends, so the vaccine is my choice. Hello? Is anybody home?

Why does there need to be a cell tower completely lit up off Redlands Parkway? It is a terrible site next to the beautiful Monument. Please, unplug!

It is surprising that the county is considering going to a less restrictive dial for COVID, at a time the UK variant has been found in our county. It is 10 times more transmissible. This is not the time to dial down! Haven’t we learned from our past mistakes?