The Fruita Community Center recently celebrated there 10th anniversary serving both our city and the entire valley and I just wanted to give a huge shoutout to the centers pool staff; Kyle and Sky and to there most professional and dedicated team of life guards. They work tirelessly each and everyday to give the valley residents a truly positive experience.

My latest experience with an unleashed dog at a city park was accompanied by a person that unleashed a very foul rant to me. I inquired as to the lack of a leash, because the dog was approaching my dog, who was on leash. There are apparently many people that ignore the signs that state “pets must be leashed.” There are almost as many dogs off leash as on (as my dog is) at all the parks I frequent.

The libraries should be promoting a special day for the study of each President. Have a Day in History when people can learn how each elected leader influenced the nation, keep the libraries open. This is an opportunity to make President’s Day important for all citizens, with a fair on the Presidents. The Presidential Historians should be screaming for a day of observance to get people involved with the study of the Presidential office.

I’m not surprised that 12 of Mesa County’s COVID hot spots announced recently were in churches. Some of my church’s attendees refuse to wear a mask as mandated by the county and by church leadership. It appears prideful, self-centered and uncaring.

The excuse I often hear from non-maskers is that they don’t partake in a spirit of fear. Then why stop at stop signs or wear a life preserver when river rafting? It’s called caution and good stewardship. You don’t have to be fearful to wear a mask for the short time you are attending a service.

Appreciated the “Why we’re here” Sentinel editorial in Thursday’s edition. We often times take for granted the important work you do in providing the news and other features of this daily paper. So vitally important for our community and democracy. Thank you!

I will not support Grand Junction buying the Glacier Ice Arena as long as the city does not support updating and opening the Orchard Mesa swimming pool.

Has anyone else noticed the “trail markers” with mileage information going up all over town? Another waste of our money. Why in the world does there need to be a sign that says “downtown — 6 miles on B 1/2 Rd. Must be someone’s pet project.

My wife and I just received COVID vaccines from Mesa County Health at the Grand Junction Convention Center. This is very well organized and all of the staff and volunteers were very helpful. We were a little apprehensive when we arrived but a volunteer met us at the door and directed us and once inside more volunteers and staff coordinated everything. Thank you to the staff and all of the wonderful volunteers!

I enjoy the stories in this newspaper about restaurants that have weathered the COVID storm in 2020 and 2021. I applaud their tenacity. In many of the photos, I noticed the food preppers and servers wearing bracelets and watches. These articles of jewelry are proven germ catchers and spreaders, as they typically are not washed when we disinfect our hands with soap and water. So food service workers, please don’t wear jewelry that ‘hangs outside’ of the gloves you’re wearing…they can spread all types of bacteria and viruses!

I would like to give a shout out to Jeff Kuhr and his staff for keeping Grand Junction open and implementing the 5-star program. It is great to have someone who is for the people. I appreciate all they have done.

Mesa Country residents should not share the link and access code from the health department with people who are not yet eligible so they can jump the line and get vaccinated early. You are stealing two doses meant for someone more vulnerable than you.

It seems that one of the most prevalent complications and symptoms of COVID is whining. Mesa County will be named the whine capital of Colorado soon.