On the McInnis trail today, we ran into a blonde lady and her dog picking up dog waste. She had a least 30 bags of dog waste in 75 feet. What a service she is providing for no pay. But really if you have privilege of owning an animal, pick up your pet’s waste. Be a responsible owner or buy a gold fish for a pet.

I had the honor of using the convention center for my first COVID vaccine. All of the volunteers were friendly, helpful and so efficient. Including the 15 minute wait after the shot, I was in and out in about 25 minutes. Thanks to the volunteers for pleasant experience!

I signed up for a vaccine shot and waited for a confirmation email. It never comes. I sign up again and the confirmation email comes in as ‘Google Forms.’ I have yet to receive my appointment to get the shot. I have no idea who that email come from.

I just want to express my congratulations at how efficiently the COVID-19 shots were handled at the convention center. Everything went like a well oiled machine and kudos to all the volunteers who made it happen. Couldn’t have been a better experience. I even got my shot from a veterinarian who gave me a chew toy for being a good boy. Kidding aside they are doing a wonderful job and everyone should go to get the shots for they will have a wonderful group waiting to assist them.

People should not forward their vaccine appointment credentials to their friends to use. We know folks who were vaccinated using someone else’s token to get an appointment while everyone else waits to be contacted by the county.

Kids, stay in school! Don’t be like me, unable to understand a simple thing like paying the St. Louis Cardinals $50 million to take Nolan Arenado off the Rockies’ hands. I would have kept Nolan and fired the GM, but what do I know?

Why is Governor Polis keep lowering the age for people who will be getting the vaccine? I’m in the late 80s, some of my friends are in the 80s on the appointment schedule. The first week in February I will been waiting five weeks.

Thank you to whoever found my purse in the cart at City Market on 12th and Patterson and turned it in. Much appreciated! Hopefully someone will do the same for you someday.

After observing the completely opposite extreme comments about the ease of getting the COVID vaccine, it is apparent that the public health website/system works well for some people and does not work at all for others. Please fix the public health website and system so we can all get our vaccines.

What great news to hear of the city’s hard work in the park’s department to beautify public spaces in such a cost effective manner. Grand Junction has been lucky to bring in some skilled and experienced employees with Front Range experience who are working hard to modify it in Grand Junction weather conditions. I have had contact with the tree people also and such good things are happening.

To the curbside pick-up people that leave their vehicle idling while the staff load your car, can you please turn off your engine, so the staff person and the open cars next to you are not forced to breath your exhaust fumes. Many thanks.

A big thank you to the volunteers at the Unitarian Universalist Church food pantry. You are friendly, patient, and helpful, and you are very much appreciated. My dinner table hasn’t looked this good in quite some time.

I found it interesting that the city is considering spending millions on possible purchases of the old City Market building and the Glacier Ice Arena. We have some bike /walking paths on the Redlands including Redlands Parkway and along the Colorado River heading to the city that are old and deteriorated. Wide deep cracks in the asphalt make it dangerous to traverse. I have been told in conversations with the city they have no funds to replace the trails. It appears the city has money available for buying buildings however.

So 75% of 70+ Colorado residents should be vaccinated in the next few days? Maybe that is right, but I would bet that is wrong in Mesa County. All my friends 70+ in the Front Range area have received their first shots. Maybe they should be sent out to counties based on the percentage of how many 70+ residents they have.