What are the people thinking who wear their masks under their noses? The way COVID-19 transmits is through the air. The same air that comes out of your mouth is going to come out of your nose and infect the rest of us. It doesn’t protect you or the rest of us to wear your mask under your nose!

COVID-19 vaccine is here for 70 and over. Since the country is not banking my second round, will it be the same problem as with the shingles booster where the country had a six-month delay?

Mesa County has administered 3,341 COVID-19 vaccinations since December 12. If you do the math, that means they are administering 133 vaccinations per day. With the county population at 154,000+, at this rate, it will take more than three years to vaccinate the entire Mesa County population, and at least 1.5 years to vaccinate just 50% of the Mesa County population. Is there anyone else in Mesa County who thinks the process needs to speed up just a little bit?

The city should concentrate on free internet instead of a recreation center. It would be beneficial and used by more than a rec center. Internet should be free since government, doctors, hospitals, businesses, etc., only want to do business online. If people want a rec center, they should start a fund for it. You want recreation? Get out and walk or go play at one of the parks. It is not the taxpayers’ responsibility to keep you entertained.

As 2020 closed out, Colorado had 3,907 deaths directly caused by COVID-19, according to the state of Colorado. That translates to 98.85% of all cases not resulting in a direct COVID-caused death. It wasn’t worth the restrictions, harm to the economy, and all the pain.

Here we go again. Everything has to be downtown. Recreation center at Lincoln Park? Where are they going to build it? Parking will be a big problem. What was wrong with the Matchett property? They could have tons of parking.

Please do not take away from the frequently full parking lot downtown to build an “Event Plaza.” If a plaza is needed, I would suggest building it at Whitman Park. People could park in the existing parking lot you want to cut in half, and walk a block to enjoy events held at the Whitman Park Plaza, where there would be necessary shade and cool grass, making events more enjoyable. There are already restrooms at the park, and it would help drive the transient population elsewhere. Makes much more sense than taking needed parking away from the local merchants downtown.

The vaccine has been here for about three weeks. Is Mesa County Health Department waiting on instructions from the CDC again? Why not just let the hospitals or Walgreens get this stuff out to the people? The goal is to get it to as many as possible right? Just administer an administrator who can come up with a plan and, if they can’t, just let it be given to anyone that wants it. This isn’t working warp speed!

Really! Someone read a story about a Christmas display that started 50 years ago and thought there was a reference about the current president? Hilarious.

I was reading Steve Beauregard’s “2020 Was One Really Hot Mess” piece, and my husband asked me from the next room what I was laughing so hard about. Thank you for telling it like it really is with style and humor.

Recently, there has been a lot of publicity encouraging us to shop locally at both small and large businesses. Yet at the same time, the city wants to eliminate more downtown parking, and Mesa Mall will not require people to wear masks, etc., in the common areas where we need to walk through to enter most stores. These actions have forced us to almost exclusively shop online where it is more convenient and safer.

During the last few years, transportation agencies at all levels of government have promoted and constructed roundabouts. I am surprised that the proposed plan to redo the First and Grand intersection is not returning the roundabout that was removed about 45 years ago.

Now we will not have any true sporting goods stores left. Sportsman Warehouse provided us with the essentials to hunt, fish, and play in the Colorado outdoors. Now it will be a clone to its big brothers in the “sporting goods” business. Those big brothers long ago lost their way when it comes to providing what the average person wants. Mostly, they sell clothes and optics no average person wants, or can afford. If my shopping experiences hold true, expect prices to rise. Higher prices and less selection adds up to more internet shopping for my family.

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