A very heartfelt thank you to everyone who expended time, energy and treasure in setting up Christmas decorations and hanging lights. Your efforts have added a great deal of joy in a dismal season.

A thought for the year to come: Be kind to each person you meet, for they may be fighting a battle that you know nothing about.

The COVID pandemic with thousands in the US now dying everyday, hospitals too full and starting to turn away patients, the U.S. economy going downhill, the thousands of people applying for unemployment, the Russians hacking into our institutions and causing who-knows-what damage, projections of more hurricanes to come next year ... what I do not understand is why Trump is trying so hard for a second term when he could gracefully retire to a golf course, watch TV, and not deal with these problems.

On Dec. 21, my Christmas angel appeared in the Sam’s Club parking lot. I left my purse in the shopping basket and didn’t realize it immediately. I raced back and went to the service desk. I was moved to tears when the associate handed my bag to me and said “Merry Christmas.” Wow, thanks to the person who turned it in and the associate who knew just what to say to me. Thank you. I was so blessed by your choices. I have always felt Grand Junction was wonderful city in which to live; these acts of kindness substantiate my feelings.

After reading your article about stolen packages and decoys, I was surprised by some things. We had two packages delivered, one was left in the newspaper box and the other one was left on the ground under the mailbox, which is by the road. Normally our packages are given to us or left by the house 250 feet up the driveway and off the road.

Let’s face it. Any change to the outdated convention center needs the branding of dinosaur as the lead moniker to its condition.

I’m not Catholic, but I will defend the city’s decision to tear down the old house and give it to Catholic Outreach. As the Sentinel reported, the Catholic Church plans to spend $4 million building new homeless housing. This will no doubt be an attractive and well-maintained development similar to St. Benedict Place. It will address the homeless need and improve the neighborhood, funded privately with no tax dollars.

Nearing a month ago, I was going into the Fourth Street Post Office and an elderly woman fell over the steel grate around the the tree on Fourth Street. I have talked to Grand Junction forestry about this problem.

It seems the Downtown Development Authority is woefully out of touch with the local merchants downtown, so let me help them out. Build the unneeded plaza at Whitman Park. If the director of the DDA is right, all that activity will run the transients out. If he is wrong, the homeless won’t have to come to Main Street; they will have the useless plaza right there.

An event plaza replacing a parking lot sounds like a sorry solution to a non-existent problem. Events downtown on Main Street are already enjoyed by thousands each summer (except, of course, in a time with COVID). Why not look around and see what people enjoy doing. Keep the parking lot, eliminate the meters, and turn Main Street into a walking mall! See Denver’s 16th Street or Boulder’s Pearl Street. Those are lively places with successful events going on year- round and the businesses there thrive. Where is our new foresight?

Such a blessing to have the Sentinel fill the Christmas Day front page with “An Acts of Kindness” type story on the Christmas mom and daughter who are spreading joy through painting rocks and gifting them randomly. Yes, there was plenty of room on later pages for the usual sadness and terror. The world greatly needs breaks like this. Good job, Sentinel!

Thank you very much to the young couple from Denver who paid for my meal at Randy’s on Orchard Mesa. I have done this before, but never experienced it myself. May the baby girl they are expecting in February be healthy and know what caring parents she has. God bless all of you and Merry Christmas.

Thank you, Mesa County Library personnel for providing an excellent, efficient curbside pickup program. Always with a smile.

The recent article about the Christmas lights at the Davis house on 15th Street was inspiring, except for the cheap shot at the president by Dale Shrull.

Unbelievable! Ferrets get COVID vaccine before humans. We live in a weird world.

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