Just want to thank the hardworking and courteous staff at the Fruitvale Post Office. With the holiday crush, you made my visit on Monday standing in line with my young grandson pleasurable. I can always count on a friendly greeting, upbeat attitude, and excellent service. Happy holidays.

The Mesa County attorney gets a 15.6% pay raise in 2019 on top of a 14% pay raise in 2018. The county administrator gets 16% in 2018. The county human services executive director gets 21% in 2018. Some rank-and-file county workers get a maximum of 2% in 2019. It is a comfortable club of elected officials and department heads you have created.

The reason the ice cream “sundae” is called that is because soda was banned in some areas on Sunday, so soda fountains had to serve ice cream in a bowl instead of on soda, like a root beer float.

I work for the Postal Service, and while you thank your carriers for all they do, they could not do their job without the help from the plant. We are the ones that work sometimes 10-12 hours a night to make sure that you receive your mail and packages during this extremely busy season. Please remember us as we don’t see our family much during this time but that we take great pride in doing our jobs for you.

Why do they call it spin class? They should just call it riding bikes that go nowhere.

My dad recently had a stroke and was on the stroke/neuro floor at St. Mary’s. Every hospital employee he came into contact with was amazing and treated him like family. My family and I will forever be impressed with the doctors, nurses, therapists and custodial staff that made his recovery possible and treated him so well! Thank you.

Greenhouse running on nothing but compost? What is running the pump?

The obvious solution to recycling aluminum cans is to not buy the product that is packaged in the cans. Most drinks marketed in aluminum cans are sodas, which have been proven to be very harmful to our health when we consume them. Eliminate soft drinks and you save on natural resources (aluminum), stop trashing the planet and become healthier people. Pretty simple.

In response to the ongoing encouragement to buy local, I completely support this action. However, it has been my experience that our local stores carry a very limited variety, selection, and quantity of everyday products. The shopping experience here is frustrating and disappointing. I either have to settle for second best or go without unless I shop online. So sorry it has to be this way.

To the person who wrote the letter, “It’s great to live in this country” on Friday: Thank you. I am a veteran who served in a foreign country and understand and appreciate how great freedom of speech is.

“Merry Christmas” is what the waitress told me the couple next to me wanted her to say after they paid for my lunch at Berna B’s on Dec. 12. A very nice couple. What a very nice thing to do especially during that time of year, when budgets are tight. Again, thank you and again, Merry Christmas to both of you.

Congratulations to Salvation Army of Grand Junction for distributing tons of food and thousands of toys here in Grand Junction for Christmas. I was proud to be a volunteer and it warmed my heart to be able to load bags of toys and much-needed food for the holidays for hundreds of folks in need here in Grand Junction. Thousands of toys and tons of food were donated by individuals, business owners, and corporations throughout the valley.

To all those who complain about the roundabouts in the city — if they are confusing to you, you probably shouldn’t be driving! They keep traffic flowing and are actually much safer than regular intersections.

My question is how is it that all the higher-ups that work for the city of Grand Junction can give themselves big raises, yet the workers get nothing. The city gets away with a lot by hiring the majority of their workforce as seasonal. They don’t pay them overtime or have to provide health insurance for them because they’re considered part-time. These “part-timers” do more work in a season than all of their full-timers combined do all year. Time for equal pay for equal work.

That bridge money ($3.5 million) would do more good and benefit the valley much more if it were spent acquiring/maintaining the Glacier Ice Arena, with enough left over to upgrade and continue operations at the Orchard Mesa swimming pool.

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