We have a lot of angels in Grand Junction and mine showed up when I was in line paying for a small grocery purchase. I showed my market card, but didn’t have identification with me. The clerk could not honor my personal check. That’s when my angel jumped up from behind me and used her credit card to pay for my purchase. I think she was in a hurry to get back to heaven for her next assignment. Just wanted to let her now that I paid it forward. Thank you to a special angel.

Five days in a row now I have been the only person wearing a mask at the new river park while walking my dog through.

No face mask, no social distance, no grade school, no middle school, no college, no restaurants, no bars, no high school sports, no college sports, no professional sports, no auto racing, no concerts, no partying, no vacations, no tourists, no jobs, no money, no life, liberty or pursuit of happiness.

So teachers think they are not “essential workers?” Sad. Two reasons they are: our children need to have a decent education — most have stated the online teaching is not working, and secondly, the parents need to get back to work and cannot while the children are home. Are you saying the grocery store workers are more essential than teachers? All of us working are essential and out in public, so why are teachers the exception?

Why do the schools water every day and night? I’m referring to the Redlands Middle School where the beautiful, lush grass is sitting on soggy soil and one end of the track is a sea of mud and standing water. As soon as the water is turned off in the fall, it turns brown because the roots are so shallow. Dennis Hill says to water every two to four days to encourage grass roots to go deeper and require less water. I’m sure it is happening at all the schools in this hot little valley.

If the health and safety of students and staff are top priority, why isn’t D51 going to require masks for anyone in schools?

Thank you to the people in the gray Prius in the drive-thru line at the McDonald’s in Fruita on July 5 about 10:15-10:30 a.m. for paying for my breakfast. Such a nice, human gesture and totally unexpected. It’s this kind of thing that makes life worth living!

Folks, it’s like this, I really don’t like wearing a mask every time I go to the grocery store or any public place. But I do. And I do it to protect not only myself, but you too! It comes close to angering me to see so many folks not wearing a mask! Please be a little uncomfortable for a short period of time and put on a mask when you are in public. It only makes good sense.

In a two-day period, we were inundated with 30 unwanted phone calls, 29 of which were political in nature, trying to convince me to vote for a candidate. Too late.

I don’t know why some people see a need to pass in the Redlands roundabout while speeding over the 15 mph limit. There’s going to be some crashes because of this sometime in the future. Please leave 5 minutes earlier.

Congrats to the graduates of Grand River Academy. What an accomplishment. Sound like fantastic staff and students. But will say I am disappointed no one from the school board attended. The staff and kids worked hard and you couldn’t even show up for them? They are a district school also. Support all schools or don’t be on the board. What a disappointment when this school worked just as hard and these kids deserve the acknowledgment. Grand River, great job. School board — do better.

In reading the Sentinel article about the meanings of words used in the technology world, she stated that “zoomies” wasn’t around 40 years ago. Well depending on where you lived, it was widely used to describe the Air Force cadets at the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs from the time I was in middle school and high school. I graduated in 1970 and that was 50 years ago. Everyone in the area called the cadets “zoomies.”

Why are the plants on the north side of the Fifth Street bridge being allowed to die? Sure looks bad to visitors entering the city from the south.

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