I have to say thank you to the people behind the scenes at the USPS — mail handlers, everyone who is working hard so you can get your packages and mail on time. Yes the carriers deliver your mail but they can’t without the help of other hard-working people.

In my opinion, the Walker statue should go to the museum. It represents the good that can come from bad. We constantly ask others to change for the better, and what better example than Mr. Walker’s? Better yet, leave it where it is and add how he lifted the town to higher levels after making a life value change.

Just a thank you to some lovely people who helped me reach merchandise off a high shelf. A young man whose mother attended to us and a nice lady who stood a few inches taller than me. I understand why the stores have raised these shelves, but those of us who are vertically challenged always need help.

When you see someone wearing a mask, say “thank you” as you point to yours.

Had a very pleasant conversation with one of our local law enforcement officers with the Grand Junction Police Department regarding a non-emergency issue. He was cordial and helpful, offering me suggestions and different numbers if I needed to address anything further. We’re seeing too much negative coverage of our police officers, often forgetting about the many good things they do for the residents of their communities.

Come on Mesa County road crew, it’s time to repave Rosevale Road. You just recently repaved Mariposa Drive for the second time in four years. Rosevale Road’s been waiting for 13 years now. What kind of traffic count action does the Redlands Mesa Golf course rate for this type of preferred treatment? Mariposa Road doesn’t even see commercial or recreational traffic! Inquiring minds wanna know ... why the economic disparity?

Walter Walker was a man who believed in Grand Junction and tried through large donations to make it a great place to live. It seems there is no compassion and understanding for someone who made a brief mistake and righted it. An attempt on rewriting the past only angers and closes minds.

What’s with yard sales on Thursday and Friday mornings? Who has time to go to these? It’s really strange they don’t start on Saturdays when the working class can attend.

I am so disturbed by the lack of consideration from the non-masked public towards the masked public. We are trying to stay healthy. If you choose not to wear a mask, that’s your choice, but please show respect towards we who do. Social distance please.

If the cloth mask protected the wearer, everybody would wear it. But unfortunately, it only protects others from the wearer. Please have consideration for those around you and wear a mask. If everyone wore a mask, COVID-19 would die in its tracks because the virus needs a host to live and spread.

The summer food program, Lunch Lizard, has been wonderful for our grandsons. Thank you, District 51 and all the local sponsors of this program. It is much-needed in the community during these times of pandemic. The children feel a connection to school each day they stop to pick up their lunch.

Finally! We got to stay in our car to cast our ballot into the box by Central Services. No more trying to find a parking spot or dodging other vehicles while walking across the driveway.

Velocity Car Wash on Father’s Day. Kenny, this is about you. You demonstrated what is so good about young people today. Me, an elderly white woman, you, a smiling, happy, eager young man. Asked me about my day, my plans for Father’s Day, offered your plans. All while waiting on me. You thanked me and a “happy to have met you.” Also, how glad you were to be living in Grand Junction, as am I. This, citizens, is the epitome of what has gone well in the structure of our youth. Kudos Kenny, District 51, Kenny’s parents, and your employer.

To wear or not to wear a mask? If you are sick, yes, you should wear a mask and stay home! If you are not sick, then it’s your choice to wear a mask, except where required by business or office management or the health department. Social distance out of respect of others’ feelings when not wearing a mask.

Thank you so much for the one who turned in my car keys at the Clifton City Market on June 22! My mistake cost me only a few minutes because of you. May God bless you for your kindness.

How hard would it be to put some type of spring-loaded, metal flap on the ballot drop-off boxes, so ballots don’t “fly out” on windy days? Figure it out before the November elections, please.

How can any human being minimize the potential deadly effects of COVID-19 on themselves, their loved ones, and others? 125,000 deaths is a reality not camouflaged. It is very important to remember that this is not a victimless tragedy.

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