In 1969, we watched the live TV broadcast of man on the moon. Today, several Grand Junction stations are unable to broadcast a consistent TV signal to rural Delta County.

When the Catholic Outreach Day Center closed, Sherwood Park became an alternate location for many homeless people. Now that the center is open again, the Sherwood Park picnic shelter continues to be a de facto day center. While they generally leave the public alone, they also prevent the public from enjoying the shelter. Apparently there is less drug-dealing and prostitution, but violent outbreaks still occur. What is the solution, I wonder?

Mesa County Commissioners Rose Pugliese and John Justman should pay for their trip to Oregon with their own money. They are certainly not representing me as they attempt to push the Jordan Cove gas project down Oregon's throat. There are lots of reasons not to want the project to ever come online. Besides creating the single highest source of CO2 emissions in Oregon and tearing up the mountains with a pipeline, there is the increased shipping traffic to a fragile and beautiful coast. Then there's the damage to western Colorado and the intermountain West from over-drilling, pipelining and boomtown growth.

I found a coin purse in the area of Burger King and City Market parking lots. I would like to get this back to the owner. I am sure that it was lost by an older person, since you don't see any younger generations carrying something like that with them. Please help find the owner of it. I can be reached at 217-778-3650. Call if you can tell me what it looks like and about what it has in it. Don't call if it's not yours. Thanks.

We weren't too happy to see that there is going to be a dog park in Las Colonias Park! There is nothing more annoying when you are out in a park, having a picnic and all you hear is barking dogs. We are dog lovers, we have dogs, but we live across the river from Roice-Hurst, and hearing dogs barking on a consistent basis gets old very quickly. If they must have a dog play area in the park, move it somewhere else. How about down by the Frisbee golf area? Plenty of time to revise the plan.

Living in Colorado most of my life, I am truly amazed how CDOT maintains their highway roadsides and medians by mowing and general upkeep. That was until years ago, when a 2-mile strip of road still has 3- and 4-feet tall weeds, plus enough trash to fill barrels. This is U.S. Highway 50 from the fairgrounds to 32 Road. Not a pretty sight.

To the unfriendly people who called animal control to report dogs off leash at Wingate Elementary park off of South Redlands: Were the dogs really that much of a nuisance? Yes, it says to keep dogs on leash. However, that is a nice, open green area where the dogs can run. The school seems OK with it after the kids are done for the day. Everybody I've seen picks up and their dogs are friendly. Maybe the city could build more open area green dog parks; Canyon View is not ideal, and many dogs have gotten sick there.

So our county commissioner went to Oregon to lobby for the Jordan Cove project. One has to wonder how she would react if the shoe was on the other foot! What would she think if a politician from another state, say California, came to Mesa County to lobby for a project planned by a foreign company that would require the condemnation via eminent domain of farm and ranch land here so that lots of money could be made by people who live outside of western Colorado?

I'm sorry that I was braking a lot. I had a lot of people brake-checking in front of me and people making left turns, so I just want to apologize. I hope I didn't make you late for your appointment at the Safeway strip mall.

I am very displeased with the Grand Junction Rockies. My grandson and I went to the game on Thursday evening. The game had to be canceled due to a broken water line in the outfield. The game was reset for 3:30 on Friday. I called the Rockies office to see if I could exchange the tickets for Saturday's game. I was told that there are no refunds or exchanges. It was impossible for us to make the game on Friday afternoon. Is it my fault that the water line broke? I was told to give away or sell the tickets.

Special thanks to a very kind gentleman who, this afternoon at Popeye's in Clifton, held the door open for this short, disabled lady and he didn't get an attitude because my friend and I were still talking before we said goodbye to each other when she went her way and I went my way. He was very kind and did not complain at all. A very kind man. Thank you.

Of course the airport is high in on-time flights. There's only one runway, and like three gates.

After reading the article about renaming the Grand Junction Rockies, I had to respond with my own suggestion. The "Junction Jackalopes" would be perfect. Just imagine the logo possibilities!

As a newcomer to the community, I'm puzzled by the recently completed work on South Camp Road. Why would the city widen parts of the road that were already wide and leave the section between Buffalo Drive and Monument Road dangerously narrow? Signs say it's a bike route but there are no bike lanes there. It doesn't make any sense. Is this normal?

This past June was celebrated as Pride Month. I propose, in the interest of significance, that we re-designate our major holidays to Independence Year, Labor Year, Valentine's Year, Mother's Year, etc.

Just for fun about the Grand Junction Rockies name. It's really boring, but won't be changed, something about brand identification? Really? They should listen to the fans and consider a name change. I would suggest the Grand Junction Collared Lizards. They are indigenous to western Colorado and have you seen how fast they can run? Think of all the creative ways to put a collared lizard on a T-shirt and hat, with new colors of yellow and green. That would mean I have to buy a new cap and shirts. I guess in the meantime, I'll still wear my Casper Ghosts glow-in-the-dark cap.


Special shoutout to the two Community Hospital employees who went above and beyond. (Randy) and the lady, whose name I didn't get, sat with me when I was having trouble breathing. He also went to the cafe, ordered my lunch and both arranged to have it paid for. Then, they waited with me until my cab came and returned the oxygen I borrowed from radiology. They both exemplify what Community Hospital strives for: care, compassion and consideration, as do so many of the employees and volunteers there every day. Thank you for all that you do for this community.

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