De Beque raised the price on our water bill again. With all the money you make from your marijuana shops, you treat the people of your town this way. You have two full-time clerks and one part-time person. Three public works employees, which no one understands why you have that many. Half the streets in town still have potholes, mosquitoes are worse then ever! Maybe, you could cut expenses instead of raise everyone's water rate; like delete some employees or use your marijuana money for your community.

To the young, incredibly stupid people who went around our neighborhood recently banging on front doors for fun after 11 p.m. Do you realize how many homeowners have guns and are very protective about their homes? Your stupidity could have caused you to be injured or killed.

Why do drivers feel they can tailgate people who are doing the speed limit? I have had people fly around me when I'm doing the speed limit and flip me off as if I were doing something wrong. There are traffic laws to keep us all safe. To safely stop behind another vehicle while at a stop sign or light, you must be able to see the rear tires of the car in front of you. Most of the time I can barely see the steering wheel of the car behind me. If you are in that much of a hurry, try leaving early to get to your destination without causing an accident.

On behalf of the wood spirits, thank you for enjoying our adventure. With the upcoming construction, most of us have returned home. Thanks for your kindness to us. We enjoyed your curiosity in our game of hide and seek. We hope to be able to return again.

We should be ashamed of Grand Junction High School; every time I go to my kids' event it's worse. I cannot believe we live in a first world country and this is the building our kids are learning in. No more Band-aids, we need a new school!

I would like to know why the District 51 schools think that their playgrounds (and surroundings) need to be watered every day? Dennis Hill (Sentinel columnist) says that every three to four days should be sufficient. The Redland's Middle School playground is actually soggy and growing mushrooms. This is a prime example of flagrant overwatering and needs to be changed before we suffer another drought.

Great letter to the editor from Paul Kelly of Delta on Electoral votes. Well written and well done, sir.

Building a new house or hiring workers at your home? Please provide workers with their own portable toilet on site. I rent a toilet for my workers but because you don't, your workers are using my portable toilet. That's stealing. Because I'm paying to get rid of your workers' waste. You are stealing from the portable toilet company when they can rent more toilets, but now they are cleaning three times the waste with one toilet. Please think about your neighbors, the portable toilet company and your workers. Do the right thing, rent your own portable toilet.

The school board's premeditated ploy to spread out a tax increase across two bond campaigns should be cause for the Magicians' Union to ask for a cease-and-desist motion based on an unauthorized use of sleight of hand and smoke and mirrors illusion tricks.

Disappointing Fourth of July parade with one band, no other musical groups, a few people walking, and many, many vehicles distributing carbon monoxide into the crowd.

I have complained to local law enforcement for several years about the illegal fireworks in my Fruita neighborhood.  No citations are ever given; there are never any consequences to those who disrespect their neighbors and the law. Gee, who could not have foreseen a fire endangering others? It was predictable.

I get that folks are absolutely giddy about their "own" fireworks but seem to be uncaring or unfeeling about traumatized pets. Right now, there are still animals at the shelters waiting for their owners who will be paying fines to get them out. How about a 2% surtax on all fireworks sold locally to offset the cost of animal control officers working that day. Or a $10 permit that has to be bought when fireworks are purchased. Perhaps this would also beef up law enforcement since almost all we hear and see are the illegal type.

Kudos to the city for taking all of the firework traffic and placing it on dark, back streets instead of the major roads that can safely handle the traffic. Neighborhood roads where families were celebrating. Who thought that was safe? City safety planning is a joke.

Regarding the Redlands brush fire started by a juvenile: Depending on the age of the juvenile, should the parents allow this person to go out by themselves to set off fireworks? Then this juvenile should be punished and do a number of hours of community work. Learning not to do wrong things should be taught early in life to be a good dependable person.

Thanks to the recent Sentinel story about the Department of Energy "Atomic Legacy Cabin." My wife and I took the tour this past week. The facility, and the facility's custodian/tour-guide, were far better than we expected. I was employed there over 20 years ago and not only was this a trip down Memory Lane, it was also a good informed look and summary of most of the Grand-Junction-based D.O.E. activities which have occurred here. We'll be back.

The reason why authorities do nothing about illegal fireworks is because they're also lighting them at their own homes, instead of setting a good example.

I find it interesting that according to a news report, there were no citations for illegal fireworks. There were more explosions coming from near Adobe Creek Golf Course on the Fourth of July than there were from the Fruita Fireworks on the third of July. Why does Colorado even have a law against these devices, if they can't enforce the law? Sad how inconsiderate people can be for their neighbors.

I'm retired. To fish legally in our state, it cost me $44.75 for the wife's license and $55.50 for mine, with a double stamp. That's $100.25 dollars, $89.50 without the double stamp. That's just crazy, folks. What about those people who want to fish but can't legally? The extra fees are for bike path improvements and so on ... but people who just want to fish don't care about bike path improvements usually. Make the recreation affordable again.

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