Correction: Last Sunday, a "You Said It" submission stated false information concerning Colorado National Monument being free after 5 p.m. and on Sunday.

Even if the entrance gates are not staffed, a fee or annual parks pass is still required to enjoy the monument.

Human is hiking in the wilderness and comes across a bear. Bear attacks, so bear is put down. Of course the bear acted "aggressively," human was in the wilderness! Now, a mother deer with her babies was "surprised" by human, attacked human and now will be put down? Of course the mother deer attacked, the human startled it and she was protecting her young. There is no need to keep killing wild animals in their natural habitat. Are they supposed to roll over for you to rub their belly?

If California's elected politicians want to provide sanctuary and free health care to immigrants and non-citizens — that's their choice. If they decide to let their once great cities become tent towns for the homeless and let the streets become public toilets — again, that is their choice and it doesn't concern me. Those pols apparently have no trouble staying in office. However if the citizens who elected those politicians leave in droves and seek asylum and sanctuary in Colorado to become voters here — that really concerns me!

The juvenile and jeopardizing antics of an alleged esteemed judge is totally unacceptable. How can he ever be respected again and don't we hold this position to a much higher standard? God forbid!

As a retired person, I was disappointed when I went to the Mesa County Fairgrounds to watch the monster truck show and I had to pay an additional parking fee to get in. What is this for? I have already paid $43 for two tickets, then I have to pay additional money? Should not paying for the tickets include payment for parking? After all, I do not think the show was worth almost $50. I won't do it again. It just seems unfair when we pay all the taxes and then we get hit with stuff like that.

The Colorado Mesa baseball team did awesome this year and we need to be proud as a community. We want to support them, but $10 a game is ridiculous. Many of us JUCO and Rockies fans live for it, but it's reasonable. Retired people and working people can't pay that.

Thank you to Christopher Tomlinson for all the great photos you take of the greenway and wildlife of western Colorado. I cut them out and send them to my 9-year-old granddaughter in Texas. Great job, thank you.

Some of the recently published letters to the editor and local pundits' columns in our cherished Daily Sentinel do not reflect the fact that many western Coloradans are quite content to be some shade of political "purple" rather than bright "red" or "blue." Too often, those of us who prefer to be objective and thoughtful are overlooked in the tug-of-war between the "left" and "right" in news media. Perhaps we "middle-of-the-road" voters just aren't very exciting.

Several years ago during an extremely awful period during my life, which I brought upon myself, then-attorney Lance Timbreza sat with me for over two hours during a free consultation. He knew I had no money, listened to me anyway, and his kindness, understanding, and pro bono legal advice started me on the road out of a self-dug hole. I am praying for him, and I am asking my family to do the same. To paraphrase the Bible: not seven, but 70 times seven. Timbreza is a good man, a good lawyer, and a good judge, and he deserves a degree of clemency.

Cheers to the Colorado Mesa University teams and athletes whose athletic and academic performances are impressive, and reminders that they are students benefiting from the classroom and athletic combination!

Riddle me this: How will the peoples' votes of the great state of Colorado count if the most populated states like California and New York make up the popular vote? No need to waste your time going to local polling place fellow Coloradans, just sit back and wait for Californians to make your decision.

Thanks to the person who paid for my meal at Subway north of Mesa Mall on June 20. Thanks again!

OK now Mesa County is getting $3.6 million. They don't need our TABOR money for a new addition to the jail.

Since when are the homeless and panhandlers allowed to ruin neighborhoods? In the last four months in Orchard Mesa I have witnessed public urination, overnight sleeping on City Market property, Bank of San Juan property and the lot behind the Family Dollar. There has also been a gradual increase in panhandlers and garbage lying around. After repeated calls to police and speaking to management at City Market, I have come to the conclusion as a taxpaying homeowner that we have no rights at all. The homeless/panhandlers can stay as long as they want and loiter on sidewalks.

I don't get it! Yet, I do. Mind Springs closes its walk-in services, now to be located in Montrose? Quite a walk! Our politicians again score a loss of much-needed service to our communities while scoring points with the cannabis community by extending their presence in our communities. Quite a reflection on our community values. Tax the vulnerable to pay for our wants, but erode services to help with our needs. All in service to our God, Money. Worth a try?

Fourth of July seems to bring out all the whiners. Fireworks, smoke, noise, scared dogs, parade on the wrong day, no parade, what a perfect day to bring the whiners together.  Maybe Junction needs a whine festival, tents for smoke, noise, dogs, bicycles on the sidewalk, weeds, fireworks and noise, climate change, fake local produce, and the list goes on and on.

On two occasions we have been delayed by veteran motorcycle groups. Neither were legally sanctioned or accompanied. They would not stagger for passing and, in fact, blocked us from passing, both illegal. We are respectful but they don't own the road and can't write and ride their own rules.


To the "I've got rhythm" young lady in section E, row N of the Grand Junction Rockies game on June 25, thank you for seeing that my hat was returned! You are an exceptional little girl!

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