Went to Columbine Park with my great granddaughter on Sunday morning. We got to see the bums blooming, and we did not feel very safe with the drugs, alcohol and trash around, so we left. This is a shame. These people should not be allowed to nearly live in the parks.

Calling all Trader Joe's fans. According to employees at locations in neighboring states, the best way to try to bring a Trader Joe's store to Grand Junction is to email the company via their website. Under "contacts" there is a category titled "bring a store to my city or area." You must include your email (all lowercase) and location in the request.

So if I were a judge and I got caught driving under the influence after crashing my car, all I need to do is say I am sorry. How can I sign up for a job like that? Any other taxpayer would be cuffed and stuffed. I have a CDL and if I blow anything other than a 0.0, I would be arrested and lose my job. I think his job should be over and he should be disbarred. Any less would be a slap in the face of people who have him passing judgment on them in court.

We love our nation's wilderness areas. They are places we visit to enjoy the solitude of nature. You are wrong, Commissioner McInnis, your constituents do want wilderness designation for land in Mesa County.

I don't want Texas and Florida choosing the president through the outdated electoral college. Let the entire country vote as one nation.

The word "statesman" has been used quite often to describe Western Slope Republican Tillie Bishop. Sadly, it has never, ever, been used to describe any of the current crop of Western Slope Republican politicians.

We stopped at the Cedaredge Pioneer Museum on our way down from Grand Mesa. We went on a self-guided tour of 21 buildings ranging from three wooden silos, one of which had schoolroom created inside, to a jail and a fabulous doll collection. Took a little over an hour. The whole site is well-maintained. It certainly brings back memories and nostalgia to seniors and informative for younger folks. We are fortunate to have the museum so close to Grand Junction.

I often wonder how Grand Valley Transit stays in business because every time I see the bus, there's no one in it.

It's against the law for telemarketing calls in South Dakota. Why can't this happen in Colorado?

So who wants all this crazy growth in Mesa County? Officials want to pave our beautiful valley. The only folks wanting this insane growth are the wealthy Realtors. The last several years, our quality of life has gone down and it is only getting worse.

A lot of construction is going on to create and improve bike paths/trails in the Grand Valley. Now bikers have to learn to properly use them by staying in them and going single file please. Many cyclists still ride 2-4 abreast going up Monument Road.

The scare ads begin, warning of the horrible result of universal health coverage. Interesting that the Canadians we know who winter here rush back home within the time limit so they do not lose their high quality national health care.

There was a time when fast food restaurants wanted you to come inside, where you were greeted by an enthusiastic person eagerly asking "can I help you?"

Now they prefer you use an app or punch your order on a faceless, voiceless kiosk, or go to the drive-thru. We have as little human contact or interaction as possible. Manning the service counter is not a priority anymore! Don't blame the help — they are working just as hard as ever but developing the social skills they will need later in life is no longer important.  

Feral cats are taking over our valley. Where is the Cat Coalition? This is horrible for the animals and our neighborhoods. Help!

Proper Driving 101: Learn the proper rules for 4-way stop signs and roundabouts. Our roadways are for utilitarian purposes to get from one point to another. Don't drive under the speed limit with cars behind you. Speed bumps are designed to discourage driving over the speed limit and they are designed to be negotiated at the posted speed limit. The speed limit in downtown Grand Junction is 25 mph, not 10 mph. On a four-lane highway, the lefthand lane is for passing only. It doesn't matter if you are going the speed limit in it. I hope this tutorial helps.

Congratulations, Illinois, on becoming the 11th state to legalize cannabis. You will enjoy the benefits, tax money, and overall feeling of relief that you can now enjoy and learn more about this wonderful plant — without fearing legal repercussions. More states are sure to follow. Welcome to the club!

We must have a lot of British bicycle enthusiasts visiting. I see them riding on the left side of the road all the time.


Thanks to the recent letter to the editor writer for calling on both sides of the political spectrum to tone down the rhetoric, and redirect efforts at causes and organizations that promote the change you want. Intelligent, thoughtful advice. I could certainly be more respectful with my words and tone, and I urge others to do the same.

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