It’s 5 o’clock, the wind is howling, the sky is orange and my patio has soot. Should I get out the hose, move and assume the worst? Wait, maybe the TV media will make it their No. 1 story, What? Dog adoption and another JUCO story must come first! Another instance of getting vital emergency facts from other reliable sources.

OK, Lincoln Park fireworks. We have fireworks every Memorial Day JUCO game for decades. There is always fireworks on the Fourth of July. And the last decade we have fireworks several times a year with the Grand Junction Rockies. Isn’t complaining about fireworks at Lincoln Park akin to complaining about planes when you buy a house near an airport?

Sunday, June 6 at the Fruita City Market — thank you to the couple who paid for my groceries. You made my day.

Why is there still no fast food on Patterson from 24 1/2 clear to 32 Road. westbound and eastbound?

The Western United States continues to be in an extreme drought situation while the Eastern part of our country floods every year. We pump oil and gas all over this country, why can’t flood water be diverted the same way?

I would be very interested in seeing an interview with a person who recently got very sick with COVID-19, but who refused to get immunized when they could. I really have a lot of difficulty feeling sorry for such a person, and I could never be in a position to have to care for them without giving them a firm “I told you so!” Let’s have these people speak up and let others know that they now wish they had been inoculated when they could be.

When voters and politicians base their moral decisions on how much tax revenue can be generated, we too will now get to reap the consequences of retail marijuana in our city: Increased crime and homelessness, increased marijuana usage by our youth, increased rate of DUID fatalities, and the pervasive ‘dead skunk’ odor familiar to anyone who lives in or drives through Denver. Congratulations.

No vaccine + no mask = disrespectful x not so smart.

Vaccinations are low and our hospitals are full of COVID patients. Can we connect the dots? If you don’t get vaccinated, then don’t go to the hospital if you get COVID. Period. That’s your responsibility.

I guess I can quit saving water; like using bathtub water to flush, if big new homes are going to continue building and needing water.

May I remind people that Frontier has flown into Grand Junction airport before. They flew RJs in here around 2007/’08. And they didn’t stick around. So before we get too excited, let’s see if they stick around. (And I can promise those ultra-low fares will not).

If you’re not going to participate in humanity and continue your anti-vax stance, at least follow your ex-leader’s advice and do the bleach ingestion. Then we can finally hang a community banner of Mission Accomplished.

I just spoke to Congresswoman Lauren Boebert’s office about counties taking away our right to shoot off fireworks, and her staff agreed, it’s ridiculous! First masks, then fireworks. What’s next, taking away our right to drink and drive?