There will always be a wage class structure in the U.S. A person earns the wage that the job requirements and their skill set warrants. Raising the minimum wage for that job doesn’t elevate the worker’s status or buying power because the prices of everything else in the chain increases, i.e. rent, food, utilities. The worker has to advance to a higher wage class in order to have a better economic outcome.

Driving along the Riverside Parkway, I noticed many dead trees which were planted several years ago and the remaining trees are in bad stress. Why, I thought? Simple. No water on those dead and the others that are starting to die. They are not being watered. Where are our many city employees? Not checking on water systems, that’s for sure. Now the city wants to expand intersections with more grass and trees? They can’t care for what we have now. And to top off the issue, we read conserve water, we have a shortage.

I don’t understand why people are blaming Mesa County and its leaders for the lack of people getting vaccines. I think the county and its leaders have done an amazing job of making the vaccine available to everyone in an quick, safe and efficient manner. I do not feel its right to blame the county and the leaders for other peoples’ decision not to get vaccinated. Mesa County Health Department and its volunteers have done an incredible job and should be applauded for their hard work.

Thanks for the Sunday insert for us Seniors to understand Social Security better. My first thoughts of the the cover photo was to assume our County Commissioners retreating to a bunker/non-transparent mentality in deciding the next installment of their new county attorney.

For those of you that have forgotten, here is how the housing bubble works. Buy an overpriced house you can’t afford, lose that house when the bubble bursts. Investors with cash then buy those houses and rent them back to you until home prices rebound, then we sell them back to you. All the while, Realtors make money coming and going without having to invest any money or liability.

Thank you for your new once-per- month look at Affordable Housing via Real Estate Weekly. Always seeing stories about only super-sized homes and developments for the wealthy was hiding the true housing situation of our community.

Whoever is in charge of the traffic signals in our area, needs to get out and watch how they cycle. The traffic in this city would run so much more efficiently and save a lot of fuel if the signals would operate like they should. There is no reason for turn arrows to turn on when there’s no traffic to turn onto the parkway. It should not take several minutes for the turn arrow to change to go south to Orchard Mesa when no eastbound traffic is present. Please try and get all of the signals operating properly.

It is reassuring to see that accurate reporting is still a standard in print/online journalism. While the TV media reported an East-West closure in Glenwood Canyon for all Friday night, both CDOT and the Daily Sentinel said otherwise. My daughter, traveling from Denver, listened to the so called “facts and science” and breezed through to Grand Junction on time Friday night.

My favorite festival that I look forward to every year and always save money to spend there is back! Yippee! Oops, not so yippee. They have moved from the downtown park in Palisade to Riverbend Park. But the big oops is they are going to charge to get in. I don’t pay money to get in anywhere to shop and spend money.