Most people are just one big, terrible life-event away from becoming homeless.

Devil's advocate here. Can someone explain why one set of defacing pristine rock walls is "sacred art" and one set is "vandalism?"

Someone here recently was complaining about the "Not Real News" column printed on Sundays. I, for one, love it. So many people today will not even research if something is true or not. They just want to believe whatever mirrors their beliefs, no matter how far-fetched, and do not search any further. So, if that person does not like the column, then I guess s/he doesn't have to read it. I know I will.

Here I come, Wendy's. Thanks to you maintenance people who fixed the alley behind Wendy's on North Avenue. Potholes are filled and my can and I enjoy the ride down the alley when we leave Wendy's. Thanks again!

When will the city fathers move to condemn the eyesore at 15th and North Avenue that used to be The Far East Restaurant gem? It is certainly an embarrassment.

One of the great re-occurring mysteries of life occurs very shortly after we elect people to be our public servants and almost immediately they transform into politicians and become the party hack that we voted to replace in the first place. Then more often than not, they get re-elected because they are now more experienced than the next person we want to replace them with. It's the political circle of life.

Great job on the new gas station on 24 and G roads. They managed traffic beautifully at that busy intersection during construction. It's a good-looking store and the landscaping is coming along. It all looks great!

The beautiful community/recreation center in Montrose behind the Walmart is definitely worth a visit. After many tries, the voters approved this construction project and even the "naysayers" in town who voted against it are impressed. Hopefully, we can put this on the ballot again in Grand Junction and this time only request the voters to approve this project as a stand-alone and not with all the additional projects that were added on that inflated the costs. Take the time to visit Montrose to see what an absolutely great addition this is to their town for all to enjoy.

Cheers to Marc Mancuso and the Grand Junction Parks and Recreation staff for placing two benches at the entrance of Suplizio Field. This seating is truly appreciated by the (elderly) faithful fans who love baseball!

To the person who wants to ban burning wood, grass, farmland, smokers, outdoor grilling, houses that use it for heat, etc. —  get over it. I will never not use my wood stove to heat my home unless you want to pay my gas/electric bill.

Great job on JUCO radio broadcasts. Jim Davis, Greg Wentzel, Reo Van Gilder and Mark Felski make listening to JUCO while out in the yard fantastic. They're as good or better than any national broadcast team.

I may be retired, but here's why I continue to seek out work: early a.m. commercials focus on commuting. Hence, car-buying ads. Move on to breakfast and I'm assaulted by elixirs below the belt. Thanks, I'm trying to eat. Follow with daytime ads about every snake-oil charm to cure any ailment. But wait, the p.m. agenda is full of sleep remedies that imply it could be a one-way even if I increase the dosage. Solution: "click."

There has been a perpetual yard sale going on in a Grand Junction neighborhood. They have now listed the hours they are open. Is this neighborhood area zoned for a business enterprise? And if so, are they supposed to be collecting sales tax?

To all the air purists out there: you moved to a rural, agricultural area. Farmers burn, people use wood to heat their homes economically, people have smokers and fire pits. I'm sorry if you have an illness that causes you discomfort due to smoke, but the majority of us do not. The Western Slope has great air quality most of the year. If it's so intolerable for you, then please consider relocating. This is no different than people who move next to an airport, then complain about the noise. Please stop trying to change the area to suit your agenda.

Hey all you transplants that are complaining about the City Market in Fruita — go to one of the other City Market stores in Junction and leave ours alone. The people in Fruita happen to like our little store. Everyone is friendly, everyone knows you by name and you know every employee personally.


A big thank you to Cabela's. I had a medical emergency while in the store. I had passed out and hit my head. The staff was so good to me. They took great care of me and my personal belongings until EMS arrived. Thank you again to all the Cabela's staff who helped me.

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