Kudos to the Colorado Departtment of Revenue and the Grand Junction Drivers License Office. I recently renewed my license and was pleasantly surprised to be in and out within 30 minutes. Everyone was efficient, helpful, and friendly, and the computer equipment worked as it should. I received my new document in the mail within a week — even got a decent photo on my new license. Our tax dollars were put to good use with these vast improvements.

Grand Junction High School was old when I went in the 1970s.

Once again while going down Monument Road, a gal driving a silver Subaru passed on a double yellow line while I was doing the speed limit of 50. But there were four other cars in front of me that she could not pass. So she ended up 10 feet in front of me at the road construction flagger where we sat for a minute or two.

Kudos to the young mother at White Rocks today who was bringing her two young daughters back with buckets of soap and water to scrub the rocks which they had written upon. You are to be commended as a mother for teaching your daughters that certain actions have consequences.

Thank you Mayor Joel Kincaid and all the great people at CDOT for listening to my concerns about 19 Road and installing a new turn signal when heading east on Highway 6&50. No more waiting 10 minutes to turn left.

When I recently saw the Sentinel editorial heading, "Stop the Soaking," I expected to read an editorial regarding downtown parking meters.

Had an emergency late last Sunday evening, rode to Community, diagnosed with a severe kidney infection. I was given antibiotics and prescription within an hour, no fuss no muss, great job Community Hospital. Thank you.

Thank you to all who came to support the Community Hospital Corn Hole Tournament, from the food vendors and all the people who played. Especially Fruita Pablo's Pizza. They helped set up and they were generous with their donations. This was a great fundraiser for our patients in radiation oncology. See you next year.

Why didn't the engineers think to do something to slow down the traffic going into the Redlands roundabout? Maybe rumble strips or something before you enter? The speed limit in the roundabout is 15 mph, but people race through it, making it more dangerous than the traffic light that used to be there. And why are people so dense that they think it is OK to go straight onto Broadway when they are in the inside lane? Why is there no police presence?

The city bears full, sole responsibility for the flooding of A Robin's Nest. They detected a leak in the irrigation system but chose to put off repairs for 10 days because the rains meant watering wasn't immediately needed. During that time, debris got into and blocked the system. That amounts to nothing less than pure, intentional negligence.

There are options available to farmers and ranchers that can achieve same/similar results as burning, but typically they are more costly or labor intensive. Telling someone who has a disease or condition that makes it difficult or harmful for them to breathe because of unregulated smoke — tough luck. Their solution is telling people to move. It's nothing like living next to an airport and complaining about noise. People should not have to move because they have a health issue. Many who complain about ag burning are saying let's consider moving forward. Not to take sides of take it or leave it.

Thank you Kathrin at the Mesa County Clerk and Recorder's Office. I came in looking for some very old documents. You were so professional, courteous and just plain nice in helping me find them in short order.

Oh, I love the glorious shades of the trees in our valley, from lemon-lime and chartreuse, to spring green and silvery gray, to emerald and deepest pine. With leaves fluttering against a clear blue sky they bring me great joy (not to mention great shade). How fortunate we are to be here.

Thank you Tina Peters and the Clerk and Recorder's Office.

Why was the ballpark next to the North Avenue Walmart watering at 3 o'clock on a hot, sunny afternoon? Half of the water is just going to evaporate.

I was saddened to read about the person complaining about receiving his/her mail at different times. Be grateful we are still getting mail delivered at all. With all the technology we are living with now, I predict it won't be long until you will be reading your mail on your computer. I am happy for my mail being delivered to my home any time of day. Sure saves a trip to the post office every day.

It is a common acceptance in Grand "Junktion" to see abandoned vehicles, unattended weeds, "shock-and-awe" potholes and the permanent garage sales. Ditto to when you visit a big box store and see numerous SWAT teams arresting a gum-stealing shopper. Hey, public officials have their priorities in where your tax dollar goes.

In viewing Grand Junction High School and talking about the education and rebuilding a relic: Maybe Grand Junction should legalize marijuana and use some of the tax money for that.

It is too bad that a newspaper has a section Not Real News. That being said, thank you for the information. It is scary to read but certainly makes one more circumspect when looking for trustworthy news sources.

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