I can't believe some people in the Whitewater area who think it's OK to burn trash and plastic. You do this at night, you know it's illegal, you will be caught. It just shows your intellect is very low. We need to turn these people in, so we all need to keep a watch out for them.

Colorado Mesa University baseball is definitely good entertainment. But it's not the winter chill or the other outdoor opportunities that keep me from attending. It's the price! Ten dollars per game is ridiculous for this West Slope wage earner.

"Motorcycles wanted." These signs,  shown regularly,  are posted everywhere. Obviously the county turns a blind eye. Someone is getting paid to post the plastic. Palisade sent a notice saying the signs can't be in town. They are continually polluting Xcel telephone poles everywhere. Take a stand, Mesa County and Xcel.

If you think the District 51 superintendent's salary is obscene, wait until you hear what her severance package will be.

We used to get our mail at 11 a.m. Now we're lucky to get it at 3 p.m. Funny that on Saturday they can deliver it before 1 p.m. It would be nice to know what time it will be delivered. Every day is a different time now.

Robin Brown seems to have her own agenda, not ours, for pushing to have the BLM headquarters move to Grand Junction. From talking with others here, it's apparent that most residents are not supportive of an influx of such a large number of people. What makes this area great is our quality of life. We don't need to compete with Denver or Salt Lake City.

Here is a classic example of fake news: Pew Research Center does a poll on fake news. The Associated Press writes a story about the poll, and inserts an opinion that it's President Donald Trump's fault. The Daily Sentinel prints it.

Thank you to The Daily Sentinel's spot-on assessment of the "fake news" fallout in Friday's editorial. It should be required reading for all far-right Fox viewers, and far-left MSNBC viewers. I do not want to completely disparage those two networks, but they've both played a huge part in the bitter political divisions we're seeing in this country.

Your Thursday editorial talked about "getting real, actual hard reporting from newspapers as opposed to Hannity or Rachel Maddow." Comparing Maddow to Hannity is like comparing apples to road apples when it comes to facts. And how do you explain "facts" by Rick Wagner or Greg Walcher?

After being in Grand Junction High School this week, I'm worried about the hazards of educating our kids there and the prospect of fixing a dilapidated relic! From the tales of the uranium mill tailings and the possibility of asbestos, we need a new GJHS!

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