I want to thank the nice group on Main Street for helping me up after I fell. I'll slow down from now on. Thank you.

I, too, am allergic to smoke. The valley burning can get heavy in the spring or fall, and the fires to our west bring smoke during dry summer. These are temporary.

We have neighbors that have electric or gas heat, still burning wood every day in the winter and on cold nights. Some have fire pits in their yards and burn some of their garbage.

Maybe the city and county could ban household burning of wood for heat (when a household has alternate heat), and have enforcement for those who burn garbage, or those who unnecessarily burn wood for heat.

On Memorial Day I saw a farmer working his field at 24 Road and G Road. How nice to see that rather than new residential or commercial construction. Thank you, farmers.

The word "literally" is used too much these days. If you were "literally" pinching pennies, then you were actually holding pennies in your fingers and squeezing them.

So glad the new "Electric Art" utility box paintings by Pavia Justinian and Josh Anderson are getting noticed on Horizon Drive! Please also give kudos to the Horizon Drive Business Improvement District (who paid for the new art) and Xcel Energy (who approved this use of the boxes). Public art brings beauty to all!

Had a great time visiting your wonderful state of Colorado and some of the cannabis dispensaries. Such great people who work there. Friendly, knowledgeable, and passionate about what they do. Wish my state would legalize; seems to be working very well here. Just curious why Grand Junction doesn't have any?

We attended Palisade High School commencement ceremony on Monday evening.  It was a nice ceremony and Mr. Bollinger did a very good job.  However, it would have been nice to be able to understand those who spoke. The PA system was terrible and it was very difficult to understand what the people were saying because of the delay occurring between two speaker systems. This occurred throughout the entire ceremony. Very annoying! Surely with all the graduation ceremonies that take place, there could have been a better PA system.

To whomever took my third grade and fourth grade yearbooks from my property —please return them. Those yearbooks from Broadway school are irreplaceable. If you have a decent bone in your body, you will return them from where you took them. They mean a lot to me. 

Any public official who insists they are a "stable genius" is neither stable nor a genius.

I agree the Fruita City Market is pretty much pushed to the max with the growth in the area. But, the employees there are so friendly and helpful and do their best to keep the flow going. Thank you.

Last year, voters within the Lower Valley Fire Protection District (Fruita area) were asked to approve a mill levy increase to upgrade equipment, increase pay for existing firefighters, and to hire additional positions to meet the demands.. So far, the LVFD firefighters have received only one-half of the salary increase promised to them. The need for emergency services has grown over the years, and the need to hire top-notch emergency services personnel is greater now than ever before. It's a disservice to hire and train quality firefighting/EMS staff, only to lose them later to other fire departments.

There is a simple solution for you folks on Easter Hill and the Ridges. What you consider open space right out your back door is actually private property. All you have to do is get a group of like-minded neighbors together and buy the property from the current owner. Then you can do whatever you want with the property. Presto, problem solved! No government collaboration or taxpayer money needed.

It is really nice to see the new activity in Riverside. A well-thought-out park and place for enjoyment by the river. No fanfare and begging for money. No one had to sue anyone to get off their own land, unlike Las Colonias, where they hammered a square peg in a round hole.

Another summer, another year the R-5 lot sits unused and full of weeds. When is the DDA going to start working for the benefit of the whole district rather than just their buddies? How about some employee parking until the lot is actually developed?

With all the talk about moving the BLM headquarters to Grand Junction, why is there no acknowledgment of the fact that the BLM already has a national headquarters in Colorado? The National Operations Center is in Lakewood.

Why doesn't the parks department enforce the code for weed control? Weeds are to be cut to 3 inches. They've been here three times and still have weeds 18 inches tall. If they don't do their job, why do we have them?

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