Another huge thank you to John who waited patiently this past Friday for me to exit the library. He watched a hit-and-run driver damage my car, but managed to catch the license plate number. John called the police before I even left the building. I am fortunate that another citizen did the right thing so I wasn't stuck paying for the damage.  

Congratulations to the city of Grand Junction and the Parks and Recreation Department. The meeting about Burkey Park has got to be the most poorly conceived, poorly organized and most poorly run public meeting I have ever attended.

Thanks to city voters for selling out the people around Burkey Park. Now we will lose our open space. Thanks again. We did not have a vote on this, we live in the county, so we can't vote on city matters. The money that the city gets should go to the Burkey family, not some other park. They donated this land for a park and it should stay that way.

Concerning the Battle of Midway that appeared in the Sentinel's Today in History on June 4. The Battle of Midway, June 4, 5 and 6, 1942, was the major turning point in the Pacific. The Japanese lost four of their front line aircraft carriers and all of the aircraft and crews. Midway was the second battle fought where the surface ships never got in range of each other. The battle of the Coral Sea and Midway were the first and second battles fought entirely by aircraft. I should know because my father flew as a rear-seat gunner in SBD Dive Bombers at the Coral Sea and Midway battles.

Who is the postmaster in Grand Junction? Why is that person unavailable? Why doesn't anyone answer the phone at the post office?

The newspaper should periodically run a "You Barked It" section. Here's the first entry from my dogs: "Why aren't there any fire hydrants in the new Redlands roundabout? Those over-paid city engineers can't get anything right." p.s. Woof!

I received a four-page statement from "SCL Health" saying they owe me 20 cents with an enclosure of a Mastercard to activate in order to receive this overcharge. They've got to be kidding. Maybe it is time for St. Mary's to change who does their billing. Unbelievable!

Regarding the headline from Wednesday "Runoff may peak on Sunday," well it might peak on Sunday, just not this Sunday.

If the EPA is looking for ways to keep our rivers decontaminated, here's an idea. Stop drilling into mines and causing spills that contaminate our rivers so you can "designate" them a superfund site.

I live across the street from the Fruita Community Center. The city was nice enough to put in a crosswalk for pedestrians. About four days ago I stood at the curb waiting to cross and I saw cars in both lanes speed up when they saw me waiting, so I stepped into the crosswalk waving my arms, and both cars had to come to a screeching halt. People run the stop sign west of Walgreens all the time with me in the crosswalk. People deliberately cut in front of me; one was so close I banged on the rear fender.

I would like to thank the person or persons (or the city) for finally cutting down the weeds at the house on North Sherwood Drive. Thank you.

A story on the front page of June 9th Sentinel talked about the older generation needing to work longer, and another story spoke of the mentally ill crowding the prison system. Tax cuts for the rich should fix this problem. Make America great again. Right.

Dog walkers, please pick up after your dog at Sherwood Park. This is a beautiful park shared and enjoyed by all. It's not that hard to pick up after your dog if you are paying attention and there are poop bags available.

Is it really that impossible for people to just go to the grocery store to shop? Not to wander around the store catching up on the latest gossip with someone on the other end of the phone. It seems like people have lost the common sense and courtesy to be aware of those around them while they are out in public. Hang up the phone, look around to make sure that you aren't continually blocking the aisle and try to remember that you aren't the only one there. The same goes for restaurants, post office, concerts, etc.

Eyesore on Redlands Mesa — How or why did the HOA of that development approve the building of that big  two-story house right on the edge of the cliff that sticks out like a sore thumb on Monument Road? All the other houses along there have low roof lines or are nearly hidden by large rock outcrops from South Camp or Monument roads.

Driving south on 32 Road the other day, I saw a large, orange "BUMP" sign. It sure wasn't much of a bump. Sign posters should drive North Avenue to recognize bumps. Would be impractical to put 5,000 signs on North though, I suppose.

The letter to "you said it" in the June 9 newspaper regarding the City Market in Fruita was spot on regarding the employees and management being friendly, helpful and very enjoyable to deal with. However, it does not address the fact that the Fruita City Market is just too small to accommodate the growing influx of families into the area. The growth in the area is wonderful, but only one small grocery store isn't enough. They need to expand or bring in another supermarket with double the shopping area and parking area.

As I walk the Riverside Trail through Las Colonias Park, I'm reminded of Joni Mitchell's song lyrics, "Don't it always seem to go, that you don't know what you've got till it's gone. They paved paradise and put in a parking lot." Now the Las Colonias trail area was never a paradise, but it was wild.

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