Thank you so much to whoever bought our breakfast at Denny’s on Sunday. You absolutely made our day! We were smiling all day. Hope you see this. We will pay it forward. You are good people!

I read that the state didn’t have the money to fix roads and bridges. What have they done with the money that they raised our license fees on our vehicles about 10 years ago? They doubled our fees so they raised millions of dollars. What has been done with that money over the years? I suppose Denver has kept it for themselves instead of distributing it among the counties. Now the school district wants another bond. They better find different ways to finance their projects.

Is there a reason all new homes built are with luxurious amenities? And they all have three garage spaces? How about trying to include people who want to buy their first home an opportunity to buy a simple, small home since apparently none of the already occupied beginner homes are being sold.

I wonder if the people who oppose all vaccines, or are refusing just the ones that protect against COVID, are going to thank the people who have assumed whatever risks they may carry for the sake of making our community safer. It is those who have been vaccinated who should get the credit when the economy opens up.

Help me understand why the city would consider spending money to facilitate the purchase of Glacier Ice Rink when substantial maintenance is required at Canyon View Park. The parking lots are full of pot holes and sidewalks have extensive cracks which only allows for more degradation from the weather. This is a wonderful facility used by many people.

I needed to fly my wife home from Denver. Denver International Airport to Grand Junction: $410. DIA to Montrose $122. Nice.

With billions of dollars in tax revenues collected, wasn’t it legalized under the guise of helping to build schools? And now our legislators want to increase the mill levy state wide because there isn’t enough money for schools? Just wondering how we are benefiting by having impaired drivers on our roads.

We are now just going on our own on COVID-19 vaccination eligibility and re-opening dates. We used to try to cooperate with the state of Colorado. Now we seem like we are trying to pick a fight with them. Not a good way to fight a pandemic.