Regarding the raise for the director of human services for Mesa County being done in secrecy and the fact that no individual could add that much value to the agency: Consider also that the amount of the secret raise is greater than the average annual salary of a Grand Valley Transit bus driver. Something is very seriously unjust here. And another tax-supported public process (Remember District 51? Any school board members resign?) fails to inspire trust.

God bless the wonderful, helpful fellow at Sprouts who takes carts in and out of the store. He is always smiling and so glad to help — the other day he practically ran from one end of store to other to find me a small cart! He makes my day every time I see him!

By any chance are the folks whose woeful math is so evident in the ballot measures the same ones who cannot allocate existing taxpayer funds adequately to meet priorities?

It's sad. I really believe our community needs improved transportation corridors, fire and police services, and maybe even a rec center. But how we can expect the money to be properly managed by a City Council and a staff (especially an attorney) that cannot articulate some simple ballot measures. I'm voting no until they can get their act together.

If the sales tax increase measures 2A and 2B fail, maybe the city (and the county) should consider increasing the number of sales and use tax audits to collect the taxes that have not been self-reported on internet sales.

Sorry, I planned on voting yes, but with the errors in language, wording and explanations, I can't do it!

I already pay to use the facilities in the park for barbecues and birthdays, the pools at Orchard Mesa, Fruita and Lincoln Park, the schools. Come on, people! No one thinks past Friday's paycheck anymore! Why would educated voters even consider this tax proposal? You want community? Go outside! Invite your neighbor over! Have group hikes, games or barbecues. There is absolutely nothing a community center will bring to this town that we already don't have besides higher taxes and future tax hikes to cover the increasing costs of the facility.

I had no idea there were no privately owned gyms in Fruita, Montrose, Delta, Glenwood Springs, or the many suburbs of Denver. I swear I have seen them in all those places, co-existing just fine with rec centers.

There are numerous private fitness facilities that offer memberships at very competitive rates. Even free membership at Gold's, Mesa, and Crossroads gyms for senior citizens with Medicare supplemental insurances offering Silver Sneakers. We also have an abundance of free outdoor recreational opportunities in and around Grand Junction. Mall walking year round is also free. I don't believe the city of Grand Junction should be in competition with our local fitness businesses! I'm opposed to the community center!

I am hoping 2C passes. When the entire community goes to the community center to get or stay healthy it will mean that they will no longer be on the overcrowded hiking trails. Then we hikers can go back to hiking in the outdoors without the entire community being there. Maybe we will actually be able to see deer, elk and maybe a bear again.

Went to the free Canyon View Park. Walked for an hour. Was a school day but the parking lot was full, playgrounds were full, kids on scooters and bikes, people jogging, and many picnicking — and it is not even summer yet with Little League and all the kids out of school. Now remind me again why we have to spend $150 million on a rec center that I will have to pay to use, plus pay more in taxes!

Taxpayers are not a bottomless resource that the city, county and state can just keep pulling from. Your job as elected officials is to figure it out. Your fallback solution of "raise taxes" is worn and old. Your inability to distinguish between needs and wants is blurred. How did we become so frivolous with taxpayers' money? When did community centers, university funding and other subsidiaries become more important than public safety and elementary education?

Tim Foster's response to the Legislature dropping his funding request for a new health sciences building in order to fund full-day kindergarten should have been to say that "while not funding the science building this year will hurt rural health care, I recognize the importance of all-day kindergarten, and know it comes first." My granddaughter's education comes first, Mr. Foster, and just maybe it will start her on a path to become a CMU honor student. If Mr. Foster really cares about CMU and its future, let's see him publicly and actively lobby for all-day kindergarten.

The trope that only recent transplants to the Grand Valley suffer from smoke during burn seasons is as illogical as it is self-serving. Consideration and respect for others never goes out of style. Is burning necessary for the valley's agricultural success? Then fine, but keep it to the minimum necessary, because it does make people sick, really sick. The burn season should be as short as possible and only for agricultural purposes.

To my neighbor who picks and chooses when it's appropriate to fly the flag at half staff, you've got the right to do that. Just as much as anyone does to kneel during the anthem.

I would like to thank the two clerks at the new Phillips service station on Horizon Drive who took over when this elderly couple came in off Interstate 70 with a very flat tire. The ladies took my wife in and got her food, water and a chair. Then they found a nice customer to change the tire. Isn't this a wonderful place to live?

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