I for one will not vote for, or donate one dime to School District 51 unless the school board reconsiders the dropping of three Adaptive Physical Education positions. This decision is as bad as building a new school on a swamp no matter what structural engineers say.

Thanks to the kind woman on May 10, who offered to help me get my groceries in the car trunk at City Market about 1 p.m. She was very sweet.

Instead of hiring an entire Crisis Management Team, just hire a Mom!

If your worry about COVID-19 vaccination is the side effects; I’ve gone to work with worse hangovers.

Need to fill retail and restaurant jobs? Now is the time to invest in eager high school students. We were all young and eager; ready to learn and follow company guidelines if mentored. Stop whining business owners and be progressive. It is your bottom line.

I know I’m old enough to be considered a geezer, but don’t they put mufflers on new pickups anymore?

Except for Las Vegas, I can’t think of a single city’s slogan. The people who chose “Where Life Leads” for its versatility might consider that a phrase that can mean anything, actually means nothing. Yes, if it is sufficiently ambiguous, people can assign to it whatever meaning they want. To me, it suggests that there is nothing in particular that is special about Grand Junction, and that people just wash up here. How about “We Wish You Were Here,” or “Worth the Trouble”?

So Mesa County is now in “Free to Choose.” You are free to choose to wear or not wear a mask in places where it is not required. You are free to choose to go to businesses who don’t require masks. You are free to choose to go to businesses who do require one. However, you are not free to choose to disregard wearing a mask in those places that do require it. Go elsewhere if you refuse to comply with a business’ right to choose to protect their employees and patrons.

Someone needs to remove the capsized boat from the Colorado River near the Redlands Parkway Bridge. It will be a hazard when the river rises. You would think the owner would want it!

Come on unvaccinated people. You’re the reason there is an incline in COVID cases today. Think of someone other than yourself. If it continues to climb, we could end up closing businesses again. No one wants that. Get vaccinated, now.

Thanks to all the great volunteers who helped clean up the river recently. Now there is one item in the river below the Redlands Parkway bridge. It is the boat that was lost off the trailer at Blue Heron boat launch. Isn’t the owner of that boat required to remove the boat or is it just going to continue down into Lake Powell?

Please, please people, kindly remove your yard/garage sale signs from street corners when your sale is over. Thank you.

The school district had funds to cover up to 10 days of COVID related leave for each employee. Much of which has gone unused. Yet when employees who had side effects after their vaccination and were unable to work for a day or two put their absence in the leave system, they discovered that those absences came out of their own day leave. This is especially a hardship for non-certified employees or employees that are new and haven’t accrued much leave time. It’s not too late to make this right D51.