I recently located to Grand Junction to be closer to family. I have been very impressed with your library. Especially during the pandemic you could request a book online and you were able to drive up and a library employee would bring the book to your car. I have been less impressed with borrowers of the books. I can’t believe the food stains and gnaw marks from some cat or dog on the books. The library is a wonderful service and privilege for all of us. Let us treat our borrowed books and the readers after us with a little more respect. Thank you.

A huge shout out to the city of Grand Junction employees responsible for the repainting of all the fire hydrants and the smoothing of the uneven sidewalks! You all have made the city look better and more walkable. Thank you!

Keep Fourth and Fifth streets the way they are; to change them would bottleneck the streets in both directions and there would be many more accidents by people not knowing how to merge into one lane or not realizing it was no longer a one-way street. The way it is now works. Don’t fix something that’s not broke in the first place.

Thank you to the people involved with turning in my lost phone. These acts of kindness are signs of angels living among us. Thank you Heirlooms for Hospice staff, kind stranger and my special friend Susan for once again reminding me of the action of angels.

District 51 needs to start fulfilling their special education responsibilities. Most of the special needs children are eligible to have adaptive PE and it is required by law. Hey, let’s use the excess mill levy funds to fund their programs.

Thank you to the young man who anonymously paid for my parent’s, wife’s, and my meal on Mother’s Day at the Main St. Cafe. I hope you know that this was not just a moment in all our lives. You and your kind act are now a wonderment in our family’s take. We’ll “pay it forward” with you in mind!

When COVID hit, fast food outlets like McDonald’s bemoaned the fact that they had to close their lobbies and offer almost exclusively drive-thru service. When they discovered they can make a sufficient profit by not reopening with in-house service, they decided to ignore the expectation of those customers that remained loyal for the last year, assuming they would eventually get their favorite gathering place back. So much for returning loyalty to their customers!

D51, once again, is prioritizing hiring overpaid administration. This time, students with significant physical needs pay the price by losing their adaptive PE teachers. Something to consider if there’s a bond measure on the ballot.