Thank you to the anonymous person who came into the Center for Children to give money so that our staff can go out to lunch. It was very heartfelt and we thank you for your generous recognition of the difficult work that our team does every day in helping child victims of physical and sexual abuse.

Does the city camping rule apply to the RVs that camp out in the Walmart parking lots all night?

Why can't District 51 put all of their buildings at the same site? For example, the Grand Junction Regional Center seems to be available. Wouldn't that put District 51 into the 21st century by having all of its offices at one site, instead of all over town in run-down facilities? Just saying!

Thank you to the good Samaritan who helped my teenage daughter when she had a flat tire near Rimrock Walmart. It's a relief to know there are still some good people out there.

Don't give up TABOR. If we didn't have it, people between Highline Canal and the Colorado River would be paying the ditch fee forever, even though not one drop of water from our properties ever goes into a canal. In fact, the water that is not used from the Highline Canal drains into the Grand Valley Canal to be resold to the Grand Valley ditch users.If we do away with TABOR, the county commissioners will not have to let us vote on tax raises ever again. They will just raise our taxes at will. Hold onto the taxpayers' protections.

To all the drivers who like to go 10-15 mph below the speed limit of 50 on Monument Road to and from South Camp Road. Please quit holding up traffic and step on it a little. There's a double yellow line on most of it. I've seen some people pass and I can't blame them.

We have school shooters, but don't allow military recruiters at schools. Public divide. Let them be trained. Send them to war.

There are still angels among us. I want to take a minute to thank the nice lady at Walgreen's on Tuesday who took it upon herself to help me out. My credit card would not pay for gift card purchases. I was unaware of that. So when the sales lady said it only paid for my "other" items, what could I do? I did not have any cash on me and that is when this kind lady purchased the remainder. Like I told her at the store: God bless you!

Does anyone see the irony that restaurants in Denver will soon be able to legally feature magic mushrooms as an entree with marijuana and cannabis products for dessert but smoking is still not allowed? Boulder voters must be really upset that they didn't think of it first.

Hunting and trapping are part of Colorado's history and culture, said the president of a trapping association; regarding the request to halt bobcat hunting and trapping. Well, so was hunting and killing Native Americans with a bounty on their heads, until they were regarded with respect. So, should we get beyond this archaic practice?

Speaking of sitting on the porch watching the hummingbirds, it reminds me of the plantation owner who takes credit for the bumper cotton crop. Or the baron surveying all he sees and making plans for the serfs. Socialists and progressives realize that without their labor, nothing gets done. They earn their due.

The city has contracted with some local artists to paint murals on the traffic control boxes. I stopped at Horizon Drive and G Road and met the artist, Pavia Justinian. Her art is fantastic and what a wonderful addition to the street corner. Kudos to the city! I'm not always in support of the city's decisions, but this one is a home run!

"While watching hummingbirds fight over feeders this morning I was reminded of socialists and progressives fighting for monies they have no right to. They did nothing to earn it and have no right to it, but feel entitled to it. Go figure." To the person who wrote the above, you remind me of someone that makes blanket statements about the mentality of certain people.

If half the irises that John Cox has given away bloom next spring, John Cox has spread beauty over the valley. Thank you, John Cox!

Renaissance neighborhood crying about possibly losing their ability to trespass on private land? Too funny; don't worry, the developer will let you build a trail.

The Palisade Way: Acquire a dog. Keep it locked in your backyard. Rarely, if ever, let it out. Give the dog no training whatsoever. Allow the dog to bark at will, no matter how early or how late. Extra points if your dog can get all of the other neurotic, ignored dogs in the neighborhood barking in chorus. Always leave a window open and let the dog bark at passing pedestrians. Never for even a single moment consider that any of your neighbors might not be loving all of this.


My husband and I were eating lunch on Main Street on Mother's Day when a family of four young boys came by and gave me a beautiful pink rose and wished me a happy Mother's Day! Thank you again! So sweet and kind of you. Great parents, teaching such kindness.

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