The comment that the city is wasting water by flushing its system to the tune of 3 million gallons goes to a deeper misunderstanding that plagues our civic system when citizens don't exercise their personal responsibility to be informed on such issues. This well-known annual flushing purges the waterlines of built-up bacteria.

I would like to say thank you to the wonderful gentleman, who so graciously kept his cool as he helped me get my rogue car alarm to stop sounding while interrupting everyone's breakfast. I would have lost my head even more had you not gotten up from your own breakfast to help me. Your kindness and patience were greatly appreciated, and I hope you know just how much you saved my morning. Thank you again.

To the lady driving the white Chevy pickup and all the other drivers heading east on Aspen Avenue in Fruita. It you are trying to go to City Market, the people coming off the Interstate ramp have a through lane and do not have to yield to you. You are in the left lane and merging into the right lane, therefore you have to yield.

If you truly care about your child, they are heading for health problems if you don't start watching their weight. For their sake, do something.

I want to be one of the very few that thanks people for putting all of their junk out at spring cleanup. I am an artist and appreciate all of the free stuff that I get to pick out for free. I love it and thanks for letting us go through it and take what we want.

A huge thank you to Mesa County for building a parking lot at the 29 Road section of the Riverfront Trail. It is greatly appreciated, especially by those of us who live on Orchard Mesa and enjoy regular doses of vitamin N (nature).

A huge thank you to Mr. Cox for sharing his beautiful irises. Because of his generosity, I will have beautiful flowers next spring in my new home and a lifelong memory of his generosity.

Colorado brings in about 200 million dollars a year in tobacco taxes. The majority of the money funded CHIP, a health program for poor children. In 2017 they quit funding CHIP. In 1998 the tobacco Master Tax Settlement agreed to a payment of $206 billion over 25 years. Millions and billions — where's it all going?

Many thanks to John Cox for the awesome gift of his iris plants. He took so much pride and loving care of these for many years, resulting in so many beautiful flowers. John is a very generous man to share his his lovely plants. Thank you.

I read in the paper about the Woman's Work Day at the habitat for humanity subdivision, so I took a drive out to actually look at what has been done and it is great. But wait, there was one house that was a real showpiece; the one with the white picket fence was stunning. I can hardly believe that a single mom put all that effort, time, and creativity into her project. That woman should be given a first-place blue ribbon. Just gorgeous.

To the writer who thinks voters made a mistake legalizing cannabis: It was a little insulting and ignorant to say the people who voted for legalization don't have any brains. The voters of Colorado and other states have clearly sent a message that marijuana prohibition has not worked. Two-thirds of the country now favor legalization and more states are following Colorado's lead. Our voters are intelligent and educated on this matter. Some states don't seem to want any social or economic progress and common sense laws.

I have seen how Grand Junction has grown since 1981. I embrace most all of the improvements in our community. But, how much longer will we have to endure the TV advertising slogans, "I don't think Papa charges enough" and "You asked for it, we did it"?

You gotta be kidding! Only in the federal government can you break the law, get probation, break it again and keep your $88,000 a year paycheck. He should be fired immediately.

Wow, I loved Abby Jensen's wonderful photo for the great wild mustang training article. I had been laughing all last year at two similar pictures shown by the AP at six month intervals. They were  labeled as "frolicking!" Just another reason to move the BLM out West where the citizens understand nature.

Thank you to all the different people who opened and held doors at the Picture Show Theatre. Your kindness to me while navigating an outing with a walker was greatly appreciated.

It was heartwarming to read the article in Sunday's paper (May 19) indicating how Fruita is thriving and businesses are expanding. The Fruita Chamber of Commerce executive director expressed her feeling that people moving into the Grand Valley are choosing Fruita to live and open businesses. We see more restaurants and other places opening up, which is great for the Fruita economy. The only non-positive is the "serious" need for a grocery store that can accommodate the growth. It has gotten so City Market is just not capable of handling the growth in the area.

A You Said It writer recently thought it's OK to pass on a double yellow line if the car in front isn't going the speed limit on Monument Road. I wonder if that writer is the one who passed me on that road while it was going about 48 in a 50 zone. Then when we got down to the river he was a whole 10 seconds in front of me. Just because the limit is 50 doesn't mean you have to go 50. Just get started a few minutes earlier.

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