What a bunch of grinches! We have been forewarned that Thanksgiving family gatherings could be dangerous because of COVID. Next, these same people will warn us about the Christmas holiday. Instead of buying presents, I guess we can all go buy a whole bunch of gift cards and drop them in the mail.

My vote goes to the candidate who wants to “work, not “fight.” Politics is a job after all.

If the person(s) who removed my sign happens to be reading this, I want to let you know that I know where to get a replacement and this time I will get two of them. Perhaps instead of stealing during darkness, you will stop by during daylight for a cup of tea.

Time is truly the quantum carrier of what we call the future and as future becomes past, it must condense into matter and at a present point of which where that present point exists, it may manifest as a particle that travels at the speed of light and would manifest as energy. Space is merely, a frame of reference from which this occurs; hence, all matter and energy. “Collapse-Boom!” That’s what I think!

One of the things that has made this nation so great is the Electoral College, it is absolutely brilliant! Since 1933 we have had seven Democrat presidents and seven Republican presidents. The pendulum swings between liberal and conservative values. The only time people start talking about the popular vote is when their candidate loses. If we go to a popular vote, there will never be another conservative president elected!

What is up with wearing a mask down around your chin? Wear a mask to cover your mouth and nose, not the hair on your chinnychinchin. Protect yourself and your community.

I don’t know about you but I am sick and tired of the preponderance of political attack ads. In that regard, I am so grateful that by TV remote has two very important buttons: Mute and Exit. I use them both on a regular basis because if these PACs and politicians don’t have something of known value to say, then why would anybody in their right mind want to listen to all this drivel? It’s a high probability that most people have made up their minds who they will vote for so get out and vote no matter how you do it or who you support!

I want to support other recent writers about all the noisy vehicles. The streets are full and then there are the cars and trucks with no or altered mufflers and then you add the intentional behavior of some of the drivers who accelerate and drive deliberately to irritate and speed. I live near Seventh and Gunnison and they race between one stop sign to the next or not stop at all. There also is a growing tendency of hearing loud street racing late at night. Let’s get some enforcement so there can be some quality of life here.

The ally east of Grand Junction High School has become a racetrack. The speed limit is 15, not 30 or 40. The ally borders residences, businesses, and a school. Grand Junction Police Department, please do something about it before someone is seriously hurt or killed.

To the person who wrote that a traffic light needed to be installed at 20 Road. It would be nice, but the light would not stop people from disobeying the traffic rules. People going south on 20 Road (who have a stop sign) will force people in the left turn lane onto the overpass; wait for them. If people obey the traffic signs that are there, there would be no accidents! Besides how do you synchronize the traffic light with the railroad crossing?

Thank you people for exercising your freedom by not wearing masks and not social distancing. Now my freedom is being restricted by the downgrade of our COVID variances.

This is the reason why we can’t go on Daylight Saving Time all year round, it’s too dark in the morning. Kids are walking to school and standing at bus stops in the dark. It is very dangerous.

I enjoyed reading the letter in Tuesday’s Sentinel sent in by the high school student from Montrose. It was nice to read a well written letter from an obviously independent minded student, who is not afraid to speak out on the issues. Well done.

Raise your hand if you live on the south side of the river around 29 Road and have enough of the skunk weed smell coming from the grow operation on the north side of the river.

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