Montrose ranked fifth in the state in a recent listing of the Colorado counties with the highest number of COVID cases per 100,000 people. It comes as no surprise that Montrose and the four counties above it share one thing in common. In the 2020 presidential election, a high percent of the voters in each of the five counties supported Trump.

So the defense’s argument in the Ahmaud Arbery case is that he was shot in self-defense because the three defendants were afraid he was being aggressive. But what about Arbery having the right to defend himself from the three guys chasing him in trucks? I mean do only people of certain color get to defend themselves?

Sen. Donovan would likely have won the Democrat primary and lost the general election. She was the strongest challenger to Congresswoman Boebert, though Boebert would still have likely re-won her seat in the House of Representatives. The other Democrat candidates are wasting their time. Mr. Wilhelm loses every race he enters.

The Class of 1958 started a fundraising drive in the fall of 1957 to have new stands for sports fans. It was a fun time for all the students at Grand Junction High School; each class came up with different ideas on how to raise the money for the project.

What makes JT Romatzke’s job with Colorado Parks and Wildlife worth $11,239 a month? That’s ludicrous! Again, our taxpayer money is being used frivolously with no accountability.

It’s so classy of the pro- COVID vaxxers to proclaim that the unvaxxed (lepers) don’t deserve a hospital bed if they get COVID. They speak of actions having consequences. Well, yes they do! For example, eating one’s self into obesity and diabetes, two of the leading causes of death in the U.S. Cardiovascular disease kills 659,000 people annually in the U.S. Should they be denied a hospital bed because of their choices? Folks, most of us pay insurance premiums and that should “entitle’’ us to a place in the hospital. Stop pushing the health care rationing ideology.

Would someone at CDOT please take responsibility for trash control on Interstate 70? If they organized a community cleaning day, I will be the first to sign up.

Yes, Tina Peters, you probably have had faster election results because you did not empty the ballot drop-off boxes!

Back when, the rant was from us to politicians, “It’s the economy, stupid.” The tables have turned, and it’s the distressed medical staff ranting back to the community, “It’s still COVID, stupid!”

We are tired of seeing Tina Peters on the front page. She is thriving with all the publicity. We don’t care about her. We are tired of reading about her. Put something positive on the front page instead of her.

I was disappointed when Colorado Mesa University removed the Walter Walker name from the soccer field. I suspect that many of the protesters who called for his name to be removed never knew the gentleman. It was a reaction to the George Floyd movement around the country. George Floyd had a long rap sheet, but he has been lauded as a hero. Walter Walker made many positive contributions to this community. The new CMU soccer field name, Unity Field, was changed in part by a monetary donation and approval of CMU. We have to be politically correct these days.

Don’t you wonder after watching all the TV commercials that abruptly change without notice that the media uses the same software that Grand Junction traffic management uses to program its traffic lights for maximum frustration? Seems that way.

I am just appalled by the continued attacks by the Democrats against President Trump. He was the best for this country. He created jobs, kept energy costs affordable, kept illegals out of our country. The left just needs to stop the attacks. You now have Biden and your agenda to raise costs and taxes, so move on. Leave Trump in peace.

Where are the Republican/conservative charges of voter fraud and Dominion vote cheating in the last election locally and nationally? In the last six years, has there been any Democrat cries of fraud in elections in red states run by Republican election clerks? Hmmm!

Counting ballots with a Trumper, oh yeah, I would prefer waterboarding. And why the hell are these Trumpers being paid in the first place? They and their corrupt leaders created this mess.

The Mesa County Health Department just issued a COVID health alert on Wednesday, yet no mention of this in the paper on Thursday. This should be front-page news! Reprint the information from the COVID dashboard. List all the schools that have an active outbreak. School outbreaks are so preventable. These are our children. Children suffer more in the ICU than wearing a mask at school.

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