We would love to continue supporting the local businesses but because so many people are not wearing masks and social distancing, we will not take the risk of entering most local businesses. We will continue to support only 5 Star businesses. Otherwise, we shop online.

What a shame that such a beautiful tree was butchered.

The individuals who drive their pickup trucks with an American flag need to learn flag etiquette. A frayed or torn flag should not be displayed and if the flag is flown at night it needs to be illuminated.

Grand Junction business owners: If you want people to spend money in your store, ask all customers to wear a mask! I just left a cart full of supplies in a store due to the threat posed by too many maskless people getting way too close. I went to another store that was following the rules to make my purchases. No enforcement, no sale!

Congratulations Grand Junction on the new fire station. Wouldn’t it be great if we were also celebrating the opening of community/recreation center?

If you’re wondering why CMU and the School District have low transmission rates within the schools, it’s the required masks. Those getting it at the schools are not getting from others within the school. But go to any local store or other indoor location and people there are not wearing masks, nor are the stores enforcing it. Not to mention when asked these people are so rude to the workers asking them to wear a mask. Where is our County leadership? No one is going to step up and take these people to task? Masks work, or else the situations at CMU and D51 Schools would be a lot worse.

The more I see military weapons being carried around at public demonstrations, the more I become convinced we must have stricter gun control measures. These weapons are being carried to threaten the rest of us, not for self protection, as is so often stated. Leave the weapons at home when you state your political views publicly, or the rest of us may vote to restrict your ability to carry these weapons openly!

I keep hearing how the time change keeps kids from going to school in the dark. Wouldn’t it be better to just have schools adjust start times than have the entire population suffer jet lag twice a year?

My husband and I went to the Sheriffs department on Thursday so he could get a permit he needed. I waited in the car and what did I see: two police officers taking an inmate to a car and not one was wearing a mask! COVID is growing at the sheriffs office. Gee, I wonder why?

With Mesa County now up to Orange, is the Mesa County Health Department going to enforce masks in all public establishments, CMU going to close down campus since students won’t social distance and have off campus parties? It takes a village, people. How many more COVID-19 deaths do we have to have before action is taken?

Why don’t we rename North Avenue to bumpy road and Patterson Road to dippy road.

I long for the days when you saw someone walking up to you with a mask on made you nervous. As opposed to today when someone walking up without wearing a mask is cause for concern. Thank you mask wearers.

Great they are having a party for the new police cars! I would instead like to see them put patrolmen in them and start ticketing the people with expired license plates and speeders on North Avenue and Patterson.

With COVID-19 cases rising, why isn’t the Mesa County Health Department enforcing masks in grocery stores and public places? Most people don’t heed to the one way in shopping aisles. I’m 74, widowed and plea with people, wear a mask, stay home when sick and respect other people.

Dear Health Department. Please use the same categories each day on the dashboard. Most confusing when the categories change. Appreciate the information, thank you.

Shame, shame on those entities responsible for maintenance and renovation of Grand Junction’s North Avenue east from 23rd street. Despite recent mediocre patchwork, the potholes, ruts and crumbling surface still exist. Would appear we east-siders have been shoved way back on the public works docket.

It is good that the Dos Rios area is being developed now. However, how long will it take before there are complaints about the aroma coming from the asphalt/petroleum plant across the road that has been operating there for many, many years?

FYI for taxpayers: Ask a student with a Chromebook the district handed out to them if they are responsible for returning it or not. Ask a high school student with one of those Chromebooks if they even use it or if they use their phone more. And then make sure to vote no for any tax increases in the future until the district becomes accountable for all this “free” tech.

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