How much money am I paying as a taxpayer in Mesa County for all the extra work being done to ensure that our safe and secure elections are safe and secure? Why can’t we just garnish Tina Peters’ wages to pay for it? It’s amazing that one person, Tina Peters, can cost the county so much money, for her lies about election fraud, while she is still collecting her paycheck.

Gosh I am so sorry about what is happening in Mesa County. It used to be an enjoyable place to live. Now it is about being divisive and name calling. I think we all need to get over ourselves and realize it is not all about us.

I had an experience yesterday that reinforced what I love about Grand Junction. I made an appointment to receive my COVID booster through Mesa County Public Health. Upon arrival, I was very surprised by the long line. My attitude quickly changed when the volunteers and workers there greeted me, made sure I had the necessary document and the others in line were cheerful, friendly and helpful. They all went the extra mile to help all get their vaccine. I received my vaccine from a retired doctor. Thank you Doctor Dave for volunteering and thank you to all the other wonderful people quietly going out and doing all they can to end this.

As has been said repeatedly to District 51 school officials, student mask wearing is universally known to be preventive. Now we are in the intervention and dangerous stage. Bowing to the very vocal minority was a serious and potentially deadly mistake and put our innocent and young people at risk. Also, I no longer respect the anti-vaccination followers when their decision threatens the health of others. History with other eradicated anomalies, through mandated vaccinations, should teach the naysayers something.

So some teachers in District 51 have decided to “stand their ground” and refuse the mask mandate at their impacted school. They do this under the guise of standing up for the students whom they love. Really? Instead you are thumbing your noses at those children. Those children look to you for stability, guidance and love. You’ve left them alone now, with a stranger to substitute, perhaps several different ones. Alone to navigate their insecurities about the situation. You’ve thumbed your nose at the parents who don’t have the luxury to “protest” and pull their kids out while you still collect your paychecks. As teachers, we constantly compromise our personal beliefs to make sure we are meeting the needs of all children. This turn of events is embarrassing and a slap in the face to all of us who are showing up and supporting our students through a sometimes scary situation. It’s not about you!

Curious what numbers it will take before we decide to mask up again, for the sake of the children, if nothing else. Five day school week is training for five day work week. Let’s think this through.

I’ve observed many of the anti-vaxxers and what I find perplexing is that a large proportion of them are overweight or obese and smoke. Why suddenly do they care what they are putting into their body? Sincerely, one burned out nurse.

I am very disappointed that there has not been an update with current numbers, from Mesa County Public Health Executive Director Jeff Kuhr on the COVID-19 cases and how our county is doing. It seems like recently we are not doing well at all. What’s up? Where is Kuhr? Please keep us updated more than you have been doing.

For those of you that think a few idle firefighters can make a difference in the severity of wildland fires by cleaning up the forest in their spare time, I invite you to actually get off the couch, go to the Grand Mesa or Uncompaghre and take a walk through a blow-down or an oak brush thicket, then consider the scale of all the public land in the western states. You will quickly realize you had no idea how big a job of “cleaning” the forest will be and how ridiculous the idea is.

I was hiking in the Devils Canyon area today when a dog, a German Shorthaired Pointer, came rushing up barking and growling. His owner was nowhere in sight. A few minutes later the owner appeared and apologized. Not good enough sir! Your dog is not well trained and should be on a leash. What if it had rushed at a child? Or a another dog? Or wildlife? People like you give dog owners a bad name.