May I suggest to the local GOP that instead of harvesting ballots, they concentrate on harvesting better candidates to run for office.Here is your sign in the Thursday Daily Sentinel. There was a story about our GJPD’s plan to patrol high profile traffic spots. All well and good. However, if I use the targeted streets mentioned I would either choose another route or obey the posted speed limits. As soon as the saturated time goes away the tendency would be to revert to old speeding behavior. Does it make sense to publicize the areas in question beforehand? How many tickets were given?

I respect that people have the right not to get the COVID vaccine, but actions have consequences. If a non-vaccinated person gets sick, they should not be allowed a bed in the hospital. Their choice not to get the vaccine is keeping people who are vaccinated from getting medical treatment they need.

Wow, 20,160 people killed in car accidents. That’s more than guns, knives, clubs and hammers. We have to get rid of the automobiles. The anti-gunners need to have everyone turn in their automobiles. These killings cannot go on.

What a great and inspiring editorial in the Friday, Oct. 29, issue of the Daily Sentinel, regarding the help needed to place the Afghans in safe, secure and welcome locations! We are all descendants of immigrants who came to this country seeking a better life for themselves and for future generations. As responsible human beings, how can we not help any and all seeking that which we take for granted, especially this particular group! What message will the “adults in the room” be conveying to the “younger generation” in the decision making?

Great! With COVID cases increasing sharply and the hospitals clogged with unvaccinated people, the Governor is contemplating the return of drastic measures such as halting elective surgeries. I don’t like mandates either, but I also do not like taxes and the military draft. I’m not particularly fond of speed limits and red lights. But I am intelligent enough to appreciate that these mandates are for the common good of all. I have zero sympathy for the antivax protestors or the intentionally unvaccinated folks in the ICU. It’s time for all of us to grow up, act for the common good and do the right thing. Get vaccinated for crying out loud!

It’s so refreshing to see public servants like Trish Mahre who make so much time to listen to the community and to promote civil discourse. I loved her recent column suggesting ways we can all discuss ideas civilly and how we can respect and be friends with those with differing viewpoints.

Just returned home from a week long business trip in Las Vegas. The state of Nevada has a mask mandate in place. You must wear a mask at all times in all areas where there are people, stores, casinos, indoor events! It was amazing to see! Everyone wears a mask all the time! Except outdoors! Let’s try it Colorado!

COVID is out of control in Montrose County with the county recently ranked the third worse in Colorado with the number of new cases. Patients are in the Montrose Hospital hallways and are even sent to hospitals elsewhere. It is not a surprise with so many in Montrose refusing to be vaccinated or wear masks. Our county commissioners and city council do not have the courage to promote vaccination and mask wearing because they fear not being reelected.

My wife and I recently visited the Orchard Mesa Cemetery to visit the grave of our son. We were very discouraged to see the lack of maintenance and care throughout the majority of the cemetery. While the veterans section was in fairly good condition, the remaining areas were mostly unkempt. High grass and weeds between headstones is very evident. Overall, the entire area looks very poor. Many low hanging limbs and shrubs have not been pruned and down limbs have not been picked up. We know that budgetary constraints and lack of workforce are probably the main reason for this issue. However, the families have paid for perpetual care of their loved ones grave sites. It is discouraging seeing the present condition.

I am a street-walker. I want to thank the city of Grand Junction for its efforts during their sidewalk improvement program, currently in the downtown/Lincoln Park neighborhoods. Not only have they ground down sections of offending walkways, they have also replaced whole sections, making my walks much safer. Complain as some folks might, I have never lived in a town that got things done as efficiently as Grand Junction (six states, but the last 31 years in our fair city). Thank you.